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  • Yeah, I'll play you. oh, and btw, I won't be playing fox, so don't try and play me like lightning ;)
    yeah sheik can boost smash and she has one of the best ones....snake, wario, falco, link, and sheik all have the best boost smashes. but u know how u boost smash with snake using the z button right. well with sheik u can't use the z button. it registers as a grab. so u have to press the attack button pressing A instead of Z. or you can set ur controls to make z ur attack button but i don't do it that way. I use my index finger to press A and the timing for the move is pretty difficult. You gotta press it almost instanteously to do it but yeah i practced it awhile and still can't do it perfectly all the time but i can do it. so its dash-->dstick--->up+A instead of up+z. but like almost instanteous...jus keep practicin and hope that helps.
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