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  • Lol of course not, but if you don't apply enough pressure people will find out a way against your tactics.
    Lol but you still play Fox do you not? That's really what's important.

    And no I haven't seen it, do you have any vids?
    Sure, Falco dittos sounds good. I'll brawl you tomorrow which will be the 10th and I'll send you a message or something for your FC and we need to schedule a time also.
    Hey Captain Brawl long time no see! Why don't you visit the Fox Force more often? We're thinking about starting a clan war with an MK clan. Also, why'd you delete me from your friends list hey hey!
    Hey CaptainBrawl, it was fun fighting your Falco. Hopefully we can have more 1 v. 1's on Wifi. Would you tell me your FC so I can add you?

    My FC: 0731-4497-0683
    Really?? Thanks! If only the whole of Fox Force would think the same... lol.

    You have a pretty good Falco, but I see you play defensive alot. Try going offensive sometimes too by charging in with a up smash-cancelled dash-attack. Or try SHDL in my direction as an approach, I've seen you do that sometimes. And, I shouldn't be telling you this, but when I like to linger on the side of the stage, you should fall off and do a b-air to spike me against the side of the stage. You've done that too me before, and it's really hard to recover from. My Fox play is mostly offensive, but you noticed that I have good defense with my shield grabs.

    And congrats! Happy Birthday! Unless, you were already 17 and you just told me now lol.
    Really that's all? Lol if only grabs could kill.

    I really like your timing with the smashes, or should I say don't like lol. I'm the one who had to fight you.
    Wow great games. Lol not the way I expected things too work out though. Your Fox beat me overall and my Falco beat yours.
    Oh is that why you were like WTF? Lol. You gotta have good reflexes. I thought I was done for too because of the delay lol. We should play again sometime.
    Wow I failed. Wish we could have played more on ones though. Lol I did a Falcon Kick BEFORE I was hit off the edge, delay happened, and then as soon as I went over I had commited suicide.
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