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  • youre just bad at it.

    8th in BRONZE 2v2 HOLLA @ ME

    lmao. No, i suck. But still. You're Asian, which means you're letting your heritage down by not getting it.
    I've been in the BBR for awhile. Fox backroom, not so much. I just didn't want to show off, but I changed that so it looked like at least one of the Fox backroomers is a BBR member.
    If I made the write-ups for the matchup threads, would you look through them to see if I missed something or got some wrong stuff?
    I agree with you...
    The only reason I post is to show another side of the argument... I realized it was futile to convince them a while back, but I am now posting to convince other people, moreso...

    I would hate for one of our matchups to be completely incorrect due to AP's ignorance, or whatever... so at least I'm trying. I've thought about quitting, though.. I can see how it's not going anywhere.

    I'm up for it then, I'm a bit nervous I'll come out as a ******** fox player though, (I only have been playing competitively for only a year...)
    Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it. Anything (or a person) that strikes you odd in particular?
    Do you mind me asking you for your opinion on the matchup Fox vs. MK? You don't have to post it on the thread.
    ha, naw dude, next time we meet in tourney, I'm taking him down in MK dittos... I've been so close to taking sets off him before, but he always pulls it out in the end :(... but I won't let it happen again :D
    hahaha, I'll see if I can get Panda to record sometime... it would be pretty sweet to get some recordings of my fox ****** everyone's MKs (except Judge cause beating him w/ fox is just not happening ha).
    Yup. Brawl is better for me since it doesn't rely so extremely much on speed and insane button inputs like Melee. And Wario and Fox are amazing to play. :3
    I have a hereditary defect on my joints - most prominently on my fingers as a gamer. Due to that, my hands hurt like the fires of hell after playing some hours, and they work a lil slower, so I can't perform high technical stuff like Wavedashing. Due to this, of course, my "skill" isn't as high as the skill of the pros. I tried to train characters without the need to be technical, but I still got put down and made fun of. So I decided to just stop playing Melee and play the game I enjoy more anyway.
    Oh yea, Fox. I love playing him. When I picked him up, I SD'd all over the place and never hit with his crazy fast moves, but as I started to learn him better, I literally saw how I got better with him. :3

    I just doesn't know!
    Yea. I tried Falco way back, but I never really was able to get into him. So I'll just take Fox. Amazing he is.
    lol, I know his horrid matchups, I main Pikachu, after all. I won't completely switch to Fox, but rather alternate between him and the Chu.
    Haha, thanks.
    He's one of those characters I severely underrated. And I have to live up to my nickname after all. 8D

    Fox is teh smex. xD
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