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Fenrir VII
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  • Hey! Usually I don't post theses on profiles but I didn't know where else to do so. Quite contrarily to the normal, “OMG MEGMAN IZO OP HE HAS TOOMANY PROJECTILES #NERF” you are easily the best Mega Man player I have had the pleasure of versing (even though I think I fought you once before, that version now the second-best, haha). It was interesting for once to verse someone who actually has immense skill than most-
    Nintendo Fan
    Nintendo Fan
    -of the spammers. I was shutdown so many times mostly due to trying to perform things that usually work, and wasn't prepared for all the end lag I caused Zelda upon doing so. And I kept getting gimped when you used the shield, which I hadn't anticipated either. Excuses about three measly matches aside, I don't generally critique players as they know how they play, so you being really, really good is as-
    Nintendo Fan
    Nintendo Fan
    -much as I'll say. Again, good games! Sorry if I left a bit early due to a false alarm (I was getting butchered anyways). Oh well; see ya' around . :)
    Fenrir VII
    Fenrir VII
    Hey thanks man. That means a lot.
    Add me at fenrir_vii if you want to play more.
    Hi there, Fenrir. Locke 06 told me you play a good MM, so i was wondering if you were interested in doing a couple matches? : 3 Sorry if i come off as sudden and out of nowhere Btw.
    "Yeah that was me. Actually wanted to play more but had a disaster in the house so had to go suddenly. Add my fc and we'll play again. Sorry about that. "

    Coolio. FC:2466-3276-9131
    If you are on smash boards that can only mean you plan on getting smash 4 near release. Which also means I need your friend code.
    I'm glad you're doing well in SC.

    I think I'm only going to be down there for Xmas weekend. The plan I think is for Will and I to drive actually. It'll cost us time but save us significantly on money... But yea we'll only be taking a day or two off of work each, not staying for weeks like you're planning on.

    10 years huh? Have we really gotten that old already? Ric's back in FL, idk how often he plays. Mark doesn't play much now that he's back in nowhere PA. Fred's in TX and he kinda fell away from the scene toward the end (though according to HtG Fred still criticizes his fox when he messes things up--see my VM wall like 4 posts down.)

    I host a smashfest at my apt every Thursday, so I'm still active in melee. ^_^ Mark says he would be to if he had anyone to play with. Also most of CE Gen 2 still plays. Really I'd just like if everyone would start playing again. You Josh Fred James Mark Ric. I've found myself wondering frequently what your 2010 fox would look like.
    It's not terrible up here, but as Yogi Berra would say "It gets late early up here." Haven't quite hit the tough winter yet, usually hangs around 30s-50s most days. Underground parking is a wonderful thing.

    I doubt I could make an event around xmas (give me dates and I'll see what I can do,) but I was actually thinking about trying to get us far flown CEs to coordinate a trip to FL for a tournament in the future sometime.

    How's SC?
    I was wondering because I'm in orlando on an internship until late may. We need to meet up
    Guess who is going to be in florida for 5 months starting today? :)
    Tbh just be a man and look at their controller.

    I do it against warios and they occasionally think I'm a creep, lol, but then they get fsmashed : D
    Hello Fenrir. I think I'm starting to understand the MK match-up now. We were right. Fox is at least tied for his worst match-up.
    These next 2 tournaments I attend, I'll make sure your efforts on the fox match ups were not futile. I'm a little pissed off at these ignorant people myself.
    I think you're better off just not responding to the matchup posts anymore. No one's getting anywhere and it's more or less just "LOL I R RIGHT."
    I've just become Discussion Leader for the Fox Boards. With this, I'm basically the link between the Fox community and the SWF staff. I'll be working together closely with sasukebowser to make the Fox Boards a pleasant place. :3
    Fox boards are great, man... spammy and disorganized is still better than desert or eilitist...
    Maybe that too. xD
    But that's not the main reason.

    Actually, I grew to like the Fox boards. They're at least nicer than the Bowser boards. :p
    So I've kinda been trying to learn brawl peach? Do you still go to tourneys?

    (Did you see how well Armada placed at Genesis? Now how am I supposed to explain why I can't beat foxes?)
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