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  • I am a heron. i haev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pansi am a heron.
    Hey, I believe am the Samoose (samus) you played a while back. If you're the one I remember you tore my samus up with yours. FC and play again some time?
    4227 2943 4653

    That was ages ago! Whats yours?
    2595 1442 2208
    Hoppin on later this evening if interested
    Yeah, add me on skype!
    So you gained 0.14?

    And I've actually been on the boards a lot lately. Got into Melee/PM a lot. But to answer your actual point, yes I am getting Smash 4, yes you can have my FC, and yes I look forward to playing you once again. : )
    I haven't changed. I'm techincally I'm still less than 3...

    I'm actually just trying to promote my budding art career. When you search lessthanpi on google my junk comes up. I'm hoping I can be good at the game and that will draw a little more traffic.

    I haven't been able to get into smash much... but with 4 out I want to get back into it.

    I'll toss you my info on facebook.
    Hey, I should be. I think I'll be messing around with a lot more characters in this game in general but will still be maining Ike. Characters seem more accessible with less micro knowledge needed to do well, at the moment anyways.
    heh I was writin my final. See you later tonight maybehopefullyperhaps? Thought I might be playing TOO MUCH MASS EFFECT (finally got ME2)
    Have you been busy? I apologize for being persistent, but when will you upload those friendlies? I've started to change the format of the OP for the video thread, and I'll start adding videos probably over the weekend. Also do you think it's better if I separate videos by the player or by the MU's?

    Also what do you think about this idea? I want to start up a move discussion thread, but I also want to make it more interesting by notsimply discussing why is this move good. Also make it interesting, by discussing uses for Sheik's initial dash (aka naritake step) or how good is her back roll, instead of just discussing why is ftilt so good. Do you think this will be a good discussion starter?
    do you have a skype account or would you rather I contact you through AIM? I would like to discuss various things about Sheik (MU's, tricks, etc) when I have more free time, would that be alright?
    hey <3

    I was wondering if I could get some help on some sheik basics T_T I wanna learn her so when I get tired of my tournament characters i play around with her but idk if I'm doing anything right lol.
    Jiggs is one of my fav to play as well and it's just predicting.

    IDK how many times I got a Roll out kill off a good prediction it is insane :laugh: I love pound plus she can scrooge/stall really easy too :3

    Lucas/Jiggs = serverly underrated due to a basis of no mains to help improve the metagame ;_;
    I know how you feel. I actually use her for my co secondary. I use characterslike ZSS/Lucas for my mains so I know how to put a little work in for my characters.
    Your awesome cuz you use Jiggs and sees she is not COMPLETE garbge and holds something to her.

    +1 cool points
    jimmers gimme a call within the next 30 mins at 772-579-3046 or at 4:15-4:25 or after 6:00 if those times dont work for you. i really need to talk to you
    chea, school bull**** lol, brawl, tat vs cap

    cant wait for the tourney on the 14th
    My AIM is "RiotAtHand" . I am not on much... but I will be on once in a while for the next few days so I'll add you and look for you once in a while.
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