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  • hey TKD im going to start a Frame Trap Compendium in the Fox boards soon. Care to help? Also will you be at Champion?
    fthrow does the most damage. It can be DIed more than uthrow but it provides the most frame advantage and also just has different followups for different DI. The wrong DI can lead into a DACUS if they airdodge or something. Bthrow might also do the same damage and can string into bair but its more DIable.
    Nice matches man. Just FYI halberd is our best CP against Lucario. Also I wouldn't recommend uthrowing much its our worst throw. Use fthrow mostly and bthrow if you really want them behind you. Those are ur go to throws. Fthrow is our best in most situations. Not gonna lie your friend seems to be a great player, but you sir are just ridiculous. You just out played the piss out of him. I think there was probably only about 7 moves that you regular shielded everything else was a PS which is just insane. You gave me some new ideas for play style tho (I'm not normally as campy and hit and run but you play fox so it makes sense, i will try and incorporate it) but i don't think this set is a very good representation of the MU.
    Hi. You wrote in your most recent blog: "I use this opportunity to ask competitive players to start publishing things like this.
    This way we could eventually end up with a complete guide by mashing and cleaning everything up. Wouldn't that be swell. I know I'm special and most (even worse: those that matter) probably won't though."

    and I was wondering if I could at all help. I would've commented on your blog on AiB, but you have me blocked on there so I can't comment lol. I've recently written some stuff kinda like this on the MK boards (http://www.smashboards.com/showpost.php?p=11924163&postcount=870 and http://www.smashboards.com/showpost.php?p=11966967&postcount=885 (scroll down to the text past the quote, after I responded to Xdeath). They're really TL;DR, and I wouldn't expect you to read the whole thing, but if you wanted to see what I think about stage control and judge for yourself if you'd want someone writing something about that subject for you (to save you time), my opinions on how it works are laid out in detail (I can make it more concise if need-be lol)) about stage control, and I think it's a subject that I know fairly well, and can explain fairly well and in a variety of different ways.

    Sorry if I wouldn't be able to do it well, or you don't think I properly understand the concept, or that's not something you intended to make in a guide, but I thought that I might as well put the option out there and help you in any way if I could :)

    EDIT: And since I noticed something. If it's not terribly inconvenient for you/you wouldn't mind, where is it that I could find where the TAW tournies are scheduled? Because I go to Tijuana fairly frequently, and if I knew more ahead of time when the tournaments happen, I might be able to pop in on one sometime and meet the Tijuana players :P
    Hi. I don't know if you're going to read this, but if you do, I just want to apologize for being a **** on allisbrawl. I didn't intend to be, I just wanted to see some reasoning behind some of the things you've said.

    Now I realize that I was definitely wrong in most, if not all, of the things I've said to you, and that I also understand why you don't debate with people like me. I now see that people who are like I was a few months ago are ****ing impossible, and it seems like it's something you just learn over time, instead of something you debate.

    Thank you so much for the advice you've given, I AM going to make a lot of use of it. And, again, sorry.
    Also, I can't help but think that even though some characters have better matchups, others below them may be more viable in a tournament setting because of their "basic physics and movesets." An example would be Ness. Even though he is ranked lower on this list, isn't he more tournament viable than Mario because of his KO power and aerial mobility? What about a character like Peach? Her KO power is not very good, and the amount of patience/technical ability it takes to play with her makes her less tournament viable right?

    What makes a character more or less tournament viable?
    Thanks man, I'll take a look!

    Edit: I like what I see; I think this is very accurate, and it reminds me of how misunderstood some of the matchup ratios are in our community. I see that some characters moved down, like Pit, but it's understandable because Diddy & Wario are very good, and I only noticed that recently >_<

    Anyways, how do you study this game and determine matchup ratios? Do you have a coder @ all? Or do you just compare/contrast character abilities?
    hey man, just wanted to thank you for all the advice you've been giving me. Can you re-link me via PM to your match-up chart if you still have it?
    hey, in a lot of your videos you successfully Nair->upsmash

    I was wonder if you use DACUS at all? Those don't look like DACUS, but .. do you use it? I set R to Attack just for Fox's DACUS since I don't think you can do it with Z..
    if you can give me a guide on how to fight mk that would be sweet =)

    when mk builds a wall of attacks im kinda confused on how to get in especially when they corner u at the edge.
    Sweet! I'm gonna be living there this summer while I intern for DreamWorks Animation--hopefully we can get some matches in.
    Luckily I know the Falco he is playing, Marcbri. He's from Spain. Therefore it's likely Leon is from Spain. There are little people who speak English, but I have suggested Marcbri before. I will ask him about Leon's capability of English.
    Ah... Unfortunately, I do not know him. Do you know where he exactly is from, as in country? I could try to find out about his English skills, if I know whom to contact.
    Well, basically:
    Match-up summaries of all matchups discussed so far (that's the threads that are linked in the MU index of mine). The OPs of these threads should give you help - you don't have to stay with that layout if you like something else better, though.

    Thanks a lot for your help and support, I appreciate it.
    Hey TKD, would you like to help me with the Fox boards' matchup threads?
    Although I know more about Fox than about many other characters, my matchup knowledge is lacking in quite a few occasions; I've put the MU-discussion project on hold so far because I don't think it'd be a good idea for me to write matchup summaries for matchups I don't know much about and don't know which information to filter out of the discussion threads being useful. There has been the suggestion asking you, and I think it's a good idea, as you are quite knowledgeable about Fox and his matchups.
    Whats up TKD,
    I keep hearing that there is an amazing Pit player in your region. I know that you have Pit ranked 3rd on your tier list. Can you tell me what that Pit does that's so ****, and any other conclusions you have on Pit? I really really want to know. I want to be a top Pit main, but ther is very little info on him, and I thought you would be a great place to start :D
    Well, I guess it shows how much attention I pay to rank. Anyway, you're quite welcome to stay in the Fox BR. We love you, etc. all that happy stuff.
    Haha, usually I collect all the questions and then the interviewee answers them later, but we can do it like this too, if you like. I'll just compile them all in a post at the end.
    Sure, and yeah the character is ridiculously underrated. Who is the Pit player from your reigon?
    Well I have posted my explanations to the most common things about Fox vs. Falco in the thread. While Falco has the CG, Fox has the UTilt-chain that goes up to like 30-40 (so it's around the same damage level as Falco's), and Falco can't camp Fox, either, as well as gets KOed earlier because of the beastly USmash Fox sports.
    The jigglypuff boards are stupid and think she goes even with mk. Please tell them they're wrong
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