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  • What up Meep, I realize you might see this really late, but I don't care, whenever you see this and can respond I'd appreciate it.

    Ok, so my goal in brawl is to become a top 10 player nationally and top 20 worldwide, but able to win national/international events, and hopefully even higher than what I initially posted. I main Pit, but now I'm picking up ICs as a secondary. I want them to be one of the better ICs, and I want some help on how I can do that. What do/did you suggest to become a great IC main? How can I get smarter while I'm playing this game? Anything else or tips to be a great IC or great player?

    Yo you should ride with me to KTAR 3 next weekend, they'll be like 60 people there.

    They're having 3V3s and Vex wants to have a triple Icies teams. Me, you and him. Tell me what you think
    Awesome, I won't be there until midnight or so, because I have work until 11.

    I'll bring teh cheesy biscuits.
    Sweet, I was wondering since we gonna be teammates, can I ride with y'all to the tourney, then?
    Well, even at WB, I was mad impressed, plus Fox & Wario can be an awesome team that kills wayyy early. My Dthrow to your Upsmash will be godlike.

    Are you gonna be at kennys tomorrow?

    TECHNICALLY, today. xD

    Hai, gai. I'll team with you. -_^b I gots confidence in your fox.

    Sup man. I posted in the MD/VA thread and apparently you're from Towson. I just moved here from Idaho so if you wanna play smash hit me up. WA/ID smash isn't so good, but hey, why not. Lemme know dude :)
    Hey man, your ICs are very inspiring! I hope I can be a great player like you someday. I'm thinking of using ICs as a suprise-counterpick/pocket/secondary character. What should I focus on first to learn ICs? How can I play smarter in general? What do you recommend if I want to become a top player? Are ICs even worth it to learn?

    Oh whoops :x

    Yeah, Chu called me around 7pm, Shado got the last spot but my friend Ocean was iffy about going up so I told him if anything changed, that I'd give him a call asap.

    Check PM's btw
    Hey man, sorry but through a whole bunch of confusion and not knowing when people were getting to the tournament, it turns out I'm teaming with Y.b.M. Sorry, but thanks for the consideration. I think Lain will still be open. And TheJerm just sent me a message asking to team too. You should hit them up.
    Well that's funny because he asked me to team as well. Lol Lain is the utmost of sketchy when it comes to teams.

    Let me see if the person I MIGHT be teaming with is still a no go and I'll get back to you.
    Ur never to old!!! I just turned 27 thus year. I go to a few tourneys a year and make time to practice. Don't quit. Find a job but don't quit!!!!
    wow. that wasnt expected.

    basically, you want to sdi towards the middle of the tornado (if you are on the left side you sdi right, if you are on the right side, you sdi left). remembering that the hitbox regenerates every 5 frames or so, you want to be the closest to where the hitbox begins, so then you have the most amount of time until the next hitbox appears. anyway, from there, most characters have enough time to airdodge through the nado, provided they get close enough to the centre. it definitely works with the ics, and i have got a grab out of this (pity nana never seems to follow you, but low % cgs are nice anyway). so i suppose in summary, i mash the joystick and cstick toward the centre of the nado, and mash 'r' to airdodge. you dont wanna jump cause you dont have enough time to airdodge after, and youd do too high up. practice hard and break mk for us, ok?
    Hey you left your $6.25 here at Gamepad, can i has it?

    I'm sooooooo hungry, and i got 1 spot lower than you so it's almost like it's fair!

    You should ask CO about our hotel room. Nick Riddle and his gf I'm pretty sure bailed, so there should be room for you.
    hey, those matches where m2k glided the whole game, do u have them? i really really would like them
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