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  • You should run my KC Brawl Rulesset I'm running for GH2.5 :p
    will look into it after work but I'm pretty adamant about my rule sets. I either have everything on, or nothing on and people seem to like MK with no stages legal, so I have to meet the status quo.
    Saw you might try to go to St. Louis's MWW Circuit event

    You should go so we can team!
    Hey man, you happen to be going to APEX? If so would be interested in teaming?
    Thanks for the shoutout

    Unfortunately that's about as far as I could go in bracket.

    I have horrendous issues against Wolf. Like absurd mental block the matchup is -4 for me. The irony is, nobody knows the truth that wolf secretly beats ICs. Every recent high profile set between wolf and ICs has gone to the wolf player except the recent fluke where I beat Kain.

    We banned the wrong character, wolf must be stopped.
    i had no idea you attended cordial uproar this past may, also any big tourneys coming up in kentucky?
    I mean the next super-regional is September or October. I'm down to run smaller events but we'll see how my summer turns out (still finding internships rofl). I want to do a bi-weekly ranbats sort of thing with a championship event every 2 months or so especially bc we have some locals I haven't really tapped into xD
    Me and Hilt are gunning for October. Maybe September? It will be 2 days tho

    If I can get at least 16 ppl I will probably start doing ranking battles too with some sort of handicap in place so that way me Lumi Tako and Tom don't just keep ****** all the new ppl with our mains. Ranbats will start soon in that case
    Is Lexington the closest place to Cincy that has Cane's? I wanna play and have Raising Cane's =(
    To be fair, no one is exactly blameless here. But honestly, the Blame Game is pointless. The only person who really has an issue with her is Roller who will be in New Jersey until August. Please don't let his actions speak for an entire state. Kass and I resolved our issues long ago and she apologized to WTP as well. Id like to keep the 3rd grade **** in the past if we can. In sorry all this drama happened though.

    Regardless, my invitation was just a friendly one seeing if you had interest. If you do then just holler at me.

    Let me know if you would like to attend Phoenix Saga: Part 4. MI hasn't seen you here in a year and a half and I would really like you to attend. If you're interested and need any help or housing etc, let me know!

    - TC
    Hey Kel, when you get a chance can I talk to you over aim or msn? pghmav is my aim. I need to talk to you about regional things.
    Who's your best doubles partner in Ohio? (Assuming it's someone from your PR)
    so squid and hilt say i sound just like you. just so you know.




    O wow, thanks man. I didn't think you'd be going since it's Brawl and all. I know they are having SC2 and stuff (which I'm excited to watch as well) but I didn't think you'd actually go. Ok, this changes things a bit. Let me get back to you later tonight ( I work 1-9) and then, hopefully, we'll have something worked out.
    I'm going to MLG anyway so it actually wouldn't be that great an inconvenience at all. NC is a pretty decent drive from Ohio so I'll be happy to help you guys cut travel costs a bit, especially for an old friend. ;]
    I heard you didnt have a partner for apex, and kadaj left me to team with SK92.. wanna team?
    rofl wow... well lets just team if ur friend ditches. just to get back at him for what he did to you at mlg.
    hey if i dont hear from lain by tomorrow u wanna team for apex? lolol ironic im waiting for a response to team with him LOL after what happen with u and him at mlg. I play kirby in teams now its a lot better than my icies but yea hit me up by tomorrow if you wanna gonna register then.
    Yo Kel my friend can give you housing for MLG Raleigh he lives the closest to the venue and he only wants $5 for you to stay as long as you need. He's making a thread about it sometime soon I think
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