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Recent content by Kel

  1. Kel

    How to play Pichu?

    Is anyone else having difficulties with Incineroar online? His Over B kills us particularly early and he out ranges us close both on the ground and in the air. I tend to bob and weave as much as possible in the air, but he can throw out Nair for free and out prioritize us it seems.
  2. Kel

    Midwest Southern Ohio Smash - 1

    This is an absolutely awful rule. There is so much that can come up that is out of a person's control that could prevent them from going. What do you mean by "any future events" by the way? Do you mean events that you will personally be running? You should probably define this threat a little...
  3. Kel

    Midwest Southern Ohio Smash - 1

    Looking for team mates for this.
  4. Kel

    Midwest I Saw Mommy Smashing Santa Claus

    I'm looking for a team mate for this.
  5. Kel

    Midwest [Aug 22, 2015] The Early Bird Special III: Farewell Falco (Carmel, IN)

    I know people from Ohio that would be willing to come to these for Wiiu if it were 3 stock. Maybe consider using 3 stock for WiiU in the future please =D
  6. Kel

    Meta Stage Legality Discussion Thread:

    It's not part of the flat + plat agenda
  7. Kel

    Meta Stage Legality Discussion Thread:

    Skyloft transformations last 10 seconds. It's easy to wait for unfavorable transformations to pass and then resume the fight in 10 seconds. Conversely, Delfino's transformations last around 18 seconds.
  8. Kel

    Meta Stage Legality Discussion Thread:

    That's a pretty good video of what I'm talking about. I don't see any anti-competitive aspects here. The stage hazards in Skyloft seem to be milder than Halberd even.
  9. Kel

    Meta Stage Legality Discussion Thread:

    The gripe is that it all caters to the same type of character. This is referenced in the video I linked. More variety in a starter list gives the opportunity for a more-fair 1st stage. BTW, Dreamland has a super low ceiling. I'm looking at your Skyloft paragraph and I'm seeing the same thing I...
  10. Kel

    Meta Stage Legality Discussion Thread:

    The game needs more than 5 starters. The 5 starters all cater to the same type of character and there is no real variety in the stages. Overswarm has a very good youtube video on why this is important https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQH_LUdkfkY Also, since this is the stage legality discussion...
  11. Kel

    [Aug 8, 2015] Comfy and Easy to Wear IX: Festival of the Huntail (Louisville, KY)

    Looking for potential team mates. This may or may not determine if I even go as most Cincinnati people seem to be going to Smash Con.
  12. Kel

    Staggering! Flame Stag's Tournament Reports (Mega Man Tournament Results)

    5th/ around 80 (tournament thread doesn't list but there were 8 pools with ten players each with top 4 getting out into a 32 man bracket, so it's around 80). http://smashboards.com/threads/alfacollusion-6-project-m-smash-4-melee-25-july-2015.412626/ Lost to 1st placer Katakiri's Metaknight and...
  13. Kel

    AlfaCollusion 6 (Project M, Smash 4, Melee) (25 July 2015)

    Fizzle's placement is wrong. He beat me in 5th place match, so I know he placed at least top 4. Also shoutouts to 6th seed XD
  14. Kel

    Need help in Luigi MegaMan MU

    Lemons are super punishable when called. Lemons also don't do that much damage- if you take 4 lemon hits and then jump in with a nair/ dair when you call one of our lemon shots, you will come out way ahead because of your combo game. Go into training with MM and fire a lemon to see what I'm...
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