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  • look broski

    everyone loves you

    but as soon as you pick up a controller, things change for the worse

    i have only played you once since this so called "change" you had and unfortunately it wasnt much different

    the matches werent even that close

    but as soon as i did something positive, i hear how bad falco's recovery is and how many options shiek can cover with just one simple dsmash...

    no matter how true these statements may be, it just ruins the mood

    i have quit trying vs you multiple sessions because of this, including our most recent one at karn's

    i have been wanting to talk to you about this for a while because i think about it even when im not thinking about smash, it bothers me that much

    i am only doing so now because it seems like i am not the only one who is experiencing similar feelings

    unfortunately, i dont know the solution to this problem. i am only writing this because maybe, coming from me, you might look into it a little more.

    i am writing my feelings as a concerned friend

    take it or leave it
    I saw you were asking for the friendlies you had with LoZr
    I assume you went by the tag of Time?

    Because I'm uploading that atm
    Hey man, I know im just a scrub or whatever but i wanted to let you know that your improvement is noticed by me and its downright inspirational. In a few short months youve come a long way. Im proud of you boy.

    Go to Group Memberships on your user control panel, then go to the bottom of that page to identify yourself as part of Tournament Directors. and the thing below your name, you either need a premium account or an inside joke with a MOD lol
    Hey I responded to your e-mail yesterday a bit after you sent it. Sounds like it'd be easier to continue our conversation in SWF PMs though.
    I accidentally posted this:
    O wow, thanks man. I didn't think you'd be going since it's Brawl and all. I know they are having SC2 and stuff (which I'm excited to watch as well) but I didn't think you'd actually go. Ok, this changes things a bit. Let me get back to you later tonight ( I work 1-9) and then, hopefully, we'll have something worked out.

    on my own wall this morning instead of your wall because I'm dumb.

    I REALLY appreciate you offering us housing man. It turns out there's another group going from Cincinnati that we just found out about so we just changed plans completely and we'll be riding with them, and now staying at the hotel they reserved. Again, I can't say enough how much I appreciate the offer. I hope to see you at MLG!
    Sorry man, I've been working non-stop since I'll be out of town in NC for 5 days. I was planning on texting you today or something.

    Right now we still could use housing. It's just two of us. But we're also going to check around and see if there's another place to stay. At MLG we would be leaving at like 7-8 AM and getting back around 1 AM each day, which is rough for someone that would be housing us. So we're trying to find a hotel or something to squeeze into in order to not inconvenience you but we really appreciate the offer and might still need your help.
    Hey man, I know it's kinda short notice but I was going to see if that offer for housing in North Carolina was still available. One of the guys that I'm going with thought he had housing with a family member, so I didn't want to bug you by asking, but as of late the family member has decided against us staying at her place. So we're currently looking for somewhere to stay around Raleigh. If you don't want us around or anything, there's no problems. We can find a hotel or something around the venue. Thanks.

    About that Wii. I may want to buy it, but dunno for sure. Its all about the moneys i have. Do you still want to sell yours?
    i have home in sp this week due to spring break...

    you gonna be at ashboro? i might have already asked you this...

    we gonna play sometime though, dont quit
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