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  • Just wanted to let you know that your tier list vote is a little messed up! You seem to be missing TL in your vote, so if you could add him in as soon as you can, I'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    It's people like you that make me want to beat my head against the wall and shout "WHAT AM I TO'ING FOOOOOOOORRRRRRRR" :)

    I read you post. I love your "communities" and "unified ruleset" section. It's actually applying to my local scene as we speak

    I really hope people pay attention to your thread and we can move closer to finding out what's "right"....if that actually even exists, because as you said, every local community is different, and if you restrict those, you hurt everything else....
    I appreciate you wanting to have your words read, but it is advertising if you go everywhere and post links to it everywhere.
    i definitely read your post and responded in the social before i saw this XD

    I definitely will read it soon. right now with exams is like not so easy because my focus is drained and I have 2 exams in the morning and im not done studying @_@
    Too bad Wario rides his bike faster than anyone can walk.

    Argument = crushed
    It's funny and sad that getting drunk and coming onto Smashboards is "something to do" lol
    In reality, it's the way you post. Grown *** men can't even find some of the grammar or insight you have.
    Mother****er I would have NOTICED if you were 15. Maybe cause your pic was TKD's for a long time or something.

    You can't drive yet?

    You've gotta be at least 17 18 or somethin. Damn
    I get what you're saying.

    I've been camped hard on it too lol, and I don't think we necessarily lose anything by not having it legal, but if it gets legalized, I'll just suck it up and try to watch the timer, which, i agree, is kinda tedious and just...out there.
    I read alll your stuff in the stage discussion thing. I get what you're saying.

    Just wondering, do you think japes should be legal?
    Reading your rulest discussion points, when I get home from work, I'll walk you through from a nonsubjective view point why player vs. player is more competitive than player vs. player vs. stage if you're interested :) :) :)
    It's fine. I'm glad to hear that you're growing. I'm growing as well. Everything happens for a reason, and I see that your experiences have a good one.
    Usually $5-6 both ways to the tournament. So $12~ which is more than a usual carpool. Most carpools are $5 if close tourney, $10 if further. So if it's close I try to carpool, farther I just say **** it and take the bus.
    Walkoffs are not proven to be degenerate as of yet. LM is totally up for grabs to be banned.

    Also ADHD already supports the list, and is willing to sacrifice Halberd for a list that makes sense.

    Glad you approve. So far I'm getting mass amounts of approval for it.
    There is a relation but it's not that large, so barely. But with our region being so good I wouldn't doubt it being larger.
    I think that since we are a competitive community we should judge player vs. player skill as much as possible. We can have stage influences as well, just as long as they're not a detriment to the game.

    No ruleset should go any more experimental than MLG's.
    I know exactly where you're coming from. I do the exact same thing! xD So its perfectly fine. I'm the blond curly haired kid from LA that talked to you every now and then. :]
    I understand where ur coming from about how Americans think we da BEST & all...

    But no matter where ur from ur gonna think ur hero is the best. Trust me... 2 dis day NO1 can convince me that ANYTHING can beat Sonic the Hedgehog when he goes Super Sonic...

    U get what I'm sayin? Its my opinion & unless proven otherwise U & I are gonnna have to agree to disagree correct?
    I live in Houston which is about 2 hours from Austin and 4 from Dallas, but depending on when you come you could probably go to a tourney that I'll be at
    Nah man I think it's fine, just give them more time to respond, it doesn't have to be instant. And just because you don't have top results at tourneys doesn't mean you don't know what you're talking about. I ain't that good either but I do know a good amount about what I'm talking about. Just because we can't apply it like top players can, doesn't mean we're stupid or scrubby when we talk. Just keep at it :).

    I would only say to stop doing it if YOU want to stop, otherwise just keep going.
    Pretty much. Get a cool pro that's willing to do it (try to get someone who isn't just like "oh ok" but who seems like they have a real personality) and then get people to ask them questions. Make sure people know who the person is, so they can ask real questions not just the generic ones. But other than that it's not that hard. I'm just not as excited about it (since I don't play Brawl) as I used to be.

    Nice avatar by the way, I love C&H.
    I live in SF but I go to school at UCSD, I'm in norcal for the summer.

    And no johns but that 3 stock was like, the first human opponent I had played in like, atleast 2 months if I'm remembering correctly, I'm pretty sure you were my first warmup. We were going even in general after a while and on day 2. But that's still a testament to how much better you got so yeah props
    I actually think that it's me not knowing what to do against simple things that you do. You use nado a lot as you know, and I am not good at reacting to it yet. I know that I can just crouch if you try to poke at my head with it (which you were doing 99% of the time) and it's a free punish for me, but when I'm actually playing it I forget. I started to punish nado much better the second day, I actually stopped M2K from spamming it against me because i was punishing most of his attempts.

    It's definitely a matchup I need to get better at, I've always had issues with it and I don't think it's even like Riddle does. Still it's just practice and in Norcal I have lots of MKs to practice with haha so we'll see how it goes next time we play
    yeah man you got so much better since Active Gamers, good **** on that. I'm sure ill see you again at some other tourney
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