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  • Don't worry about it. I'm sorry I had to lock it but I don't make the rules, I just enforce them.
    What's my drastic player problem? :(

    Help me be not mediocre

    I mean this sincerely since I appreciate all advice
    Ori, when I go to my next tourney I'll make sure you to shoot the videos your way so you can see my progress.
    Oh, yeah I totally understand. I actually have a quiz on Thursday in my Political Science class, and it was completely irresponsible of me to write a 19 page essay on smash instead of studying for it lol

    But I gotta take my inspiration to write, and my motivation to... feel motivated with this community when I get it haha. Gotta get all my studying today, though haha.

    Good luck with your exams :p
    I wrote a really long thread on general ruleset philosophy, and I respect your input and stuff, so I thought I should link it to you.

    It's like... ridiculously long, so I'd completely understand if you didn't want to read it, but again, I respect your opinion greatly and stuff, and of the people I'd ask to critique it, you'd be among my top haha.


    Either way, thanks for your time haha
    Aiyyo, Ori. I wanted to get a little more advice after seeing you comment in the thread. So I think one of my main problems is when I think of one option to cover something I kind of mentally commit and as you could see it translates into my game. I guess I just have to work on being mentally flexable but I was wonder if you had input on that.

    Thanks in advance.
    MM me at Apex, Mr. ZSS slayer.
    That way, if I lose, you're legit... and if I win, I can maybe make Thio stop talking like he knows my character.
    LOL, your keyboard is awesome.
    And I don't- well, I did. But my computer was stolen and am on my dad's so I can't DL it.
    You have been bitten by the MetaVamp!

    You have now been infected and are encouraged to bite another to help show that I can never be stopped on Ole Hallows Eve~! Report your victims back to me, I like to keep a careful count of my minions!
    Don't Blink Don't Care 4, he got 9th, I got 17th, out of 41 (He had been playing for a while and that was the first gaming experience I got after 5-6 months of not even looking at a console controller).

    Don't Blink Don't Care FINALE (MK Banned) he got 9th, I got 9th, out of 33. He lost to a Luigi (YoshQ) and some other random character he told me he's never played against.

    Those are the ones I know, cuz I was there with him on both. So, he's actually doing all right. Still improving, he's still gotta get used to today's metagame, but he's still not placing below top 10 which is a nice sign! We're going to another one on the 24th, MK banned too apparently from what I can tell so far.
    That's pretty sad and a pretty douchebag move to pull, didn't know that about NL. I don't hear much from him these days anymore, either. Oh well.
    I already did. Yesterday I told him "I was talking to someone named Orion who you might know" and he goes "Yeah, I remember" and brushed his nails on his shirt, which I'm guessing meant '**** yeah, I know people, little man'. :|

    He hasn't been doing half bad either, but he did tell me how NinjaLink was a **** to him and was coaching his opponent during Apex on how to beat him. He told me "how would you feel if a guy you thought was your friend started helping others to get you to lose?"
    Yep, NJ blackwaltz the '08 Olimar mainer, whose last name is Squeglia, that's him. He's one of the Navy smashers now. :evil:
    He did, but apparently came back. He joined the Navy, got the same Navy job as me, and is living in the same place as me, so now we go to tourneys together. Pretty awesome.
    If you're unable to put much effort into the jigglypuff panel, do you mind taking a look at the old chart you and t-block made (before discrepancies came along) and list which mus your opinions of have changed.

    Thanksies :)
    aaargh it's a pain in the butt to fix already integrated data... regardless, I'll take it into account...
    I'm still not sure about m2n. It's like 50/50 :p
    Will love playing you if I come :D
    Otherwise we'll hopefully met again somewhere else ^^"
    European Smash summer just started :'D
    Heh, just so we're clear, I respect you a ton as a player, I just disagree with the solely PvP mentality. Apologies if I get hot under the collar at times. xD There are only a few people on this website I actually hate, regardless of how angry I sound when I post sometimes. :p
    Hehe, nah it's okay.

    You aren't the first to confuse her because of the glasses. Nor were you the 2nd. >_>
    heyho orion,
    uhm do you have aim? i want to talk a bit with you, cuz i may travel to the netherlands 4 one week ;)
    what do you think are the best examples of MK dittos? i'm one of those types who learns a lot from studying vids xP
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