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Sep 29, 2016
Sep 22, 2008
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Smash Champion, Male, from Berlin

xDD-Master was last seen:
Sep 29, 2016
    1. GoldenyoshiKing
      Every-time I watch you play. I feel like busting out Snake:) BEST GERMAN SNAKE<3 Other than Muka xD
    2. ViperGold42
      Thinking of becoming a full fledge Snake Main.....should I? Your input is needed.
    3. ZTD | TECHnology
      ZTD | TECHnology
      Guten Tag, Akuma!

      I need to talk to you about your recent discovery you call the Akuma Jump. I am in the process of doing some research for the Dedede boards so I can find uses the Akuma Jump. I was wondering if you could tell me more about it works and if you think it will be useful for Dedede at all. I'm going to put my research in a thread when I'm done.

      Let me know, thanks!

      - Tech_Chase
    4. PEACE7
      xD yea i understand what you mean
    5. PEACE7
      just wondering i thought you were only on the german boards lol
    6. ZTD | TECHnology
      ZTD | TECHnology
      Oh thanks lol. I had a lot of free time so I just make metagame threads. I know a lot about the same so I figure I should spread the knowledge. I just like to help people! :)
    7. ZTD | TECHnology
      ZTD | TECHnology
      I'm already going to Australia so if I go to Germany it won't be till the end of the year. Although I do really wanna go to Germany someday.
    8. ZTD | TECHnology
      ZTD | TECHnology
      Haha that's interesting. I need to make it over to Germany.

      And I played Crifer at Apex for several hours lol. He kept beating my Dedede but my Wario....it kept beating his Fox. Pretty funny stuff. And ill definitely look at the videos.

      Also do you know if Crysis has an account on this website or just on the German site?
    9. PEACE7
      your akuma?
    10. ZTD | TECHnology
      ZTD | TECHnology
      That's interesting...:snake: does better against all of those characters you listed lol. But it kind of makes sense because there are vey few Dededes in the world and most of them are in America. I suppose not a lot of people know the match up in Germany.

      Who have you beaten with Dedede (that's considered a good player)?

      I saw you recently moved up on the Germany Power Rankings so I was just wondering how much of that was Snake or your other characters.
    11. ZTD | TECHnology
      ZTD | TECHnology
      So I'm curious about something. Do you use both :snake: and :dedede: in tournament? Not too many people use that combination of characters so I was curious. If so how is that working out for you in Germany?
    12. Marc
      It can't be that hard to just give a link to some people. T_T I'll see if I can get in touch with gheb. You need to fill it in yourself either way.
    13. Marc
      What's up with those German votes? :S
    14. Lord Chair
      Lord Chair
      saved you the effort, then :P

      alex strife was really hasty about it so i figured wth i dont have to clean up an entire venue so lets just do it for him xD, i forgot to give you credit for hosting though ill edit it in
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