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    Why are Smash players so concerned with "advanced techniques?"

    i think most of the comments from competitive players are actually kind of funny. while knowing and understanding all of your options is very good, having NEAR PERFECT basics (spacing, conditioning, punishes, recovery, ect) are much more important than any AT you could get. Sometimes ATs just...
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    Sheik Ledge Vanish

    no lgl should be required honestly, considering there should be vulnerability before and after vanish, ntm theres trumping it simply is just a good option
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    Sheik Ledge Vanish

    will definitely lab this
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    *UPDATED* Kill Set Up with Pikachu (and other misc.)

    this is good to know
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    *UPDATED* Kill Set Up with Pikachu (and other misc.)

    -dead- @ the op saying to pummel 2-3 times when people are at 0-40%. between that and the grab release fsmash "setup" i feel like you're just going for a lot of non consistent options. being like hey i can smash whatever they do after grab release by reading it, is essentially the bad version...
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    Anyone feel like Sheik is overrated?

    She just can't kill lmao. Character is top tier tho
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    How is No One Talking About this Girl's Recovery Game

    Just recover low and 99% of the cast can't gimp you other than trump mixups.
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    How is No One Talking About this Girl's Recovery Game

    i really think you can just auto pilot and recover low with her in about 99% of situations lmao, no need to stress yourself with a billion mixups that likely will put you in bad positions
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    Needle Fidget

    will just be calling this needle cancels in commentary lmao good find
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    Diddy Observations (and how Villager wrecks Diddy)

    Fair enough, this part I disagree with because it took diddys meta years to get to the point where it was an ABC wall. It wasn't like brawl started and we new how to play the character. The followups were developed early game by ninjalink in 08, and over the course of like 2 years when ADHD...
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    Ninja Clan Here We Stand! Sheik Match-Up Thread

    diddys main weakness imo is lack of a non committed approach. So imo sheik just needs to zone until you have stage control and bait out diddys bananas so shield pressure becomes a lot easier. Once you're inside it's essentially the same as brawl in terms of covering diddys landing options, and...
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    Diddy Observations (and how Villager wrecks Diddy)

    I agree although the little mac reference is a little bit extreme imo.... LMAO that character is so free to gimp, but then again i play sheik so it's like w.e.
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    Diddy Observations (and how Villager wrecks Diddy)

    I disagree. There was legit a harder learning curve to playing diddy at top level in brawl. You literally would not place in tournaments unless you understood how and where you place your bananas, how to do the combos between the two, move while keeping both as active hitboxes (glide tossing...
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    Character Competitive Impressions

    Thats cool, and i do think that people look at tier lists to much without thinking for themselves. But at the same time, some characters tools are inherently better by design and imo there is only so much you can do to change that. Look at brawl MK to brawl Ganon for example. Even if you fleshed...
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    The Sheik Essentials?

    watch a lot of videos go to tournaments, even if you initially lose a lot practice your combos and frame traps on cpus for a lot of hours until you dont have to think about it dont worry about style, unless you're a top player winning events this will hinder you imo. Screw the aggressive vs...