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  • Do you still have Japie's Wii + Brawl or do I need to bring my stuff?
    o wow Europe =o

    well i hope you can get to pound lol, i wanna play ya
    no... tbh i have never heard of you XD

    but i thought it would be cool to get to know you and maybe brawl sometime
    I added you on MSN just now.

    Can't you get a converter for the Wii? I can bring my Wii of course. It even has Project M. :p I can play both Melee and Brawl, but I'm better at Melee. If you teach me Brawl stuff, I'll teach you Melee stuff. :)

    I'm an easy guest otherwise, no allergies and I'll bring money for food etc. I'm wondering though what kind of sleeping accomodation you have? If you don't have an extra mattress or something I could bring an air bed and sleeping bag.

    As for when, I was thinking the upcoming week or the one after. Probably the latter.
    You responded on your own wall (I do that too a lot XD), so I didn't see it until now. But yeah, I have plenty of time for the next two months or so, after that it will be harder.
    sure i can house anyone wed night through sunday afternoon, other days i have class though and i need to take school really seriously

    and i need to get my OV card so bad.... ill def let you know when i get a TV i would love people to come over and play me
    I'm okay. I live in Den Haag/The Hague, which is in the west. It's roughly a 3.5 hour trip to get to where you live, but if you have a setup and can like house me for a night I could make it (I travel for free during weekdays). :)

    There's likely going to be a Melee smashfest near where you live in a bit, but otherwise Melee is basically left with a small core here (though many good players) and not many events. Many people who are willing to play you in both games though.
    You also had the 2nd post in the thread and had all ready tried to derail it 9 minutes after it was posted. Casual discussion and jokes belong (for the most part) in the social threads.
    So I just realized that you're the "Inui punched a lion" Inui punched ORION. That's YOU! LOL
    if you go to my PR thread, I just gave a pretty indepth overview of everyone in your pool
    Hey Orion, since Brawl singles isn't until Saturday (for Apex) what do I do on Friday? Will there be Brawl set ups in the venue for friendlies and stuff?
    ChaosMarth Twitter:
    3minutes and john finally hits orion but then orion dmashes and takes the lead

    You really know how to make me proud
    team with me for the md va tourny we got this this is lie btw i need someone who can help me takeout stacked teams
    Again, if he was serious, he wouldn't have written the thread in a way that would just attract flames.
    If he wants to make a serious thread that isn't designed to generate hateful comments and actually discus it in a mature and sensible way, he can. But when he just "intends to be a ******* with my posts because it's entertaining and I don't hold the community in high regard", sorry, but no. We don't tolerate stuff like that.
    Could you give some advice on how to camp better?? rofl

    I'm playing with intent to time out, now.
    aye yo mommacakes. actually learned alot from ur matchs and esp vs jash, i kinda lost my voice, during the tourney so i couldnt speak =(. you were saying how it's just like a matter of who out reads who, kinda like rock paper scissors thing?
    Don't worry about it the guide. Take you're time, I'm going out of town so I can't really get to it until Sunday, then I go back out of town on Monday and don't get back until Thursday lol.
    Huh. Well yesterday I played like absolute **** in tourney after not masturbating for like two weeks (I don't think I've gone two weeks since I turned like 13-14ish and actually started fapping lol). This Sunday I might be going to a tourney and I'll see how I do if I fap the night before.
    Huh. Maybe it's a personal preference thing haha

    I find in general that I don't play considerably better if I don't fap for a while, but I find it easier to play reaaaaaaaaaally patient. I'm not really sure why, though, but every time I've gone to a tourney and fapped the previous night or some time really recently, I find myself feeling more impatient and wanting to play a little more aggro. But whenever I go to a tourney after not fapping for a week or two, I'm incredibly patient and all of my matches seem to go atleast 6-7 minutes haha
    "so i havent fapped in almost 2 weeks and i have 2 tournys this weekend. wish me luck gaiz!"

    Good luck, VM me after the tourneys and tell me how well you do :P
    hey whats up its allied the kirby player any tournaments you headed out to soon we should definitally team up ^_^
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