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  • I do. :)

    5 = Neutral.
    4 = Back.
    236 = Down bottom right forward.
    2 = down.
    j. = Jump.
    dj. = Double jump.
    214 = Down bottom left Left.

    Simple enough.
    It's like a number bad..
    ^control stick.

    Yeah.. that's one downside.

    Isn't there a Japanese smasher named DIO?
    Saw a good Tager on youtube named DIO.
    Nah, every other traditional is terrible imo.

    BlazBlue is special!

    Pretty good, I went to the console gaming room where they were doing Brawl friendlies, Race asked me to chill out after winning 10+ matches in a row. lolol.
    i was literally the exact opposite :<

    i havent played like 25th since 2008 ive been emo for the past 24 hours. lmao

    but its all good now i know what to do next week XD

    i got **** the night before the tournament i got 9th in and that night i was bored so i fapped and then got 1st the next day.

    didnt do anything all week. went to tourny yesterday. was agitated and played like garbage. got 25th >_>
    lolz, was just looking around my room like 5 mins ago and found some.
    come back on smashboards and I get a message saying that you left some here.


    I'll bring em' to the camp out. :p
    kk. lmao i swear if i didnt fail at getting brain after prom wed. night it wouldve been a waste of a week but w/e.

    problem is ive drastically improved recently just from being active so its hard to judge how good i do unless its fairly significant.
    Cool, got the Bob-omb texture! :D

    Well that's good. :p

    Soooo.. I'm trying out textures, I just save it as FitNameofcharacter00.pcs?
    The 00 being an example.. I think I get the part where next costume would be 01 etc.
    Ahhh, that fixed the character select screen, now it's Brawl+ style.

    Is there another .pac file I should be deleting? because at the beginning of the game it still shows the Breaking the Limits logo, and the "now breaking" loading sign.
    By .pac, you mean whatever is in the character folders, like captain, dedede etc.?

    Just clarifying.. haha.
    Never mind, just transferred apps, codes, and private.
    Figured that would be the simplest, time to try it out. :p
    Okay.. how would YOU go about transferring?
    I'm bound to do something wrong. xD
    That works, I'll try that now. xD

    Good thing you always leave something here, eh?
    While it's loading Brawl, it says something like "SD codes found".

    I renamed the FalconPurin file as FitPurin01.pcs, is that right?
    Textures still not working. :p
    Cool, thanks again! haha.

    Guess we'll be playing with textures at the campout? xD
    Also, it says to make a directory that looks like this: private/wii/app/RSBP/pf/fighter

    Does that mean 6 different folders all in G:, or is it wii inside private, app inside wii etc.?
    Ahh, checked and saved. :)

    How do I go about testing it? I don't have any textures yet, and I don't even know what that code does, just blindly following a guide. XD
    Believe this is the name of the code:
    File Patch Code v3.5.1 (NTSC-U) [Phantom Wings]

    What other codes would I use?
    Okay, so I changed the Game ID to RSBE01, name of game to w/e, clicked, "Add a code/comment/category" and named it Code1, then I pasted the code above in the Code Contents area, and clicked Store modifications.

    Then, a box pops up saying that there aren't any codes selected, so I figure that means I highlight Code1 by clicking on it, then I click Store modifications again, and the large code thingy goes away, is that supposed to happen/am I doing everything correctly so far?

    Thanks for all the help btw.
    I'm failing pretty hard at this.. xD
    How do I "check" the codes I want?
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