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  • DIO is that beast-*** Ganon from Japan.

    Well have fun with your Blaz Blue. I'd give it a try against you some time, but I wouldn't be good practice at all :P
    lol that's so wierd. Good luck understanding that **** :P

    The damage range is low. It's not impressive if it's under 500,000,000 damage each hit XD
    I should've been there so I could **** you with my Ganondorf XD

    I got Lost season 1, 2, and 3 for my birthday. I'm on episode 10 now in season one. This show kicks *** lol
    Well I mean I'll time them out if I NEED to, but he gave me a lot of advice on how to fight Lucario without doing just nados and running away lol. 'Cause if a Lucario figures out my gimmick (read: figures out how to beat my B button), I'm ****ed. So he gave me a lot of advice on Lucario.
    Yeah I got you a custom CSS :P

    Ehh there's a file in there somewhere that causes that, but Idk what it is. It doesn't really matter too much, though.

    Just had an hour long conversation on aim with Vato about MK stuffs. He taught me how to fight Lucario without always timing him out, and I informed him of all my MK vs Pit matchup tricksies, since apparently he's not that good at the matchup :P
    I hadn't noticed your reply for a while because you seem to have posted on your wall, not mine haha.

    Look around in the private folder, and delete the sc_selcharacter.pac file. And that should do it.
    Okay.. I just replaced my old gct file with the one you posted.
    It loaded Brawl-, the Break the limits page, the character selection screen, and all that.

    It wouldn't let me select any characters below the line with Samus in it, and then when you play a match, it has the same psychics as vBrawl.

    wat do
    No need to open it. Just delete the gct file in your codes folder, and replace it with the file I just uploaded.

    The one I just uploaded is already ready to go, so it just has to go in the right place and it'll work (just put it in the codes folder).

    Oh and the newest Brawl- build came out today. Would you mind updating it on my SD card tonight or tomorrow? I can help if need-be, I'd just like it to be updated on my SD card XD
    Yeah. If it's a .pcs file, leave it. Otherwise, everything else inside those folders... DESTROY THEM.

    Oh and here's a gct file for you that I custom made myself. It has a custom CSS, the file patch code, infinite replays, tags in replays, unrestricted camera, and sexy differently colored shields. http://www.mediafire.com/?nmkykzzjma0

    I don't think it has too many lines, if it does, tell me and I'll make a new one for ya.
    Okay first off...

    start deleting every single .pac in the character folders. Then once you're done with that, I should have a gct file uploaded for you that'll have all the necessary codes for vBrawl (plus some other good, none gameplay changing, stuff) with textures.
    I'd make a folder somewhere on your computer (name it something like: "SD card files and stuff"), put my SD card in, open that new SD card files and stuff folder, and open the SD card folder thing, click on whatever is the top on my SD card, scroll down to the bottom and shift click the bottom item so it highlights EVERYTHING on my SD card, then drag and drop onto the new folder.

    Actually... just to make SURE that your SD card works. I'd then drag everything that was on my SD card and is in your new folder STRAIGHT onto your SD card (delete your old codes folder and your old private folder and have mine replace them). So essentially you'd have Brawl- on your SD card. Then load up Brawl through GeckoOS and see if it loads Brawl-. Tell me your results :P
    Just make sure you don't delete the stuff off of my SD card. Load them onto your computer, take out my SD, THEN delete the GCT and pac files from your computer.

    I doubt you would delete stuff off my SD card, but I gotta make note of it, you know, just in case :P

    If you have trouble with the GCT, I could try making one that'll do what you want and upload it somewhere that you can get it.
    That's really wierd...

    Well here's a possible way to do it, but it'd be kind've annoying for you I'm sure...

    You already have my SD card, which has everything in the right place. All you'd have to do is copy everything on my SD card onto your computer, then copy those files onto your SD card, then delete the gct file and all of the .pacs on your SD card (which would then have all of my files), and the textures should work if you put the new gct file in.

    You know what I mean?

    Are you sure you have your gct file done right?
    Did GeckoOS load the codes? Or did it just boot up Brawl like normal? Check your GeckoOS settings and make sure it's set to load up cheats/codes.

    The FitPurin00 pcs file is named correctly, but the FalconPurin pcs file is not. Every texture has to be named like this:


    So basically if you want a texture for MK and you want it to override his default texture, name it:

    00 means the default texture, 01 means the next texture (if you click the character's portrait in-game it'll switch from texture 00 to texture 01. etc), 02 means the next texture after that, etc.

    And you always have to include "Fit" at the beginning of the name. The F has to be capitilized, and the first letter of the character's name has to be capitilized.
    It means that on the root of your SD card, make a "private" folder. The inside that folder make a "wii" folder. Then inside that an "app" folder. Then inside that an "RSBE" folder (make sure it's RSBE, not RSBP. RSBP is for pal, and RSBE is for the NTSC version, which is what you have). Then inside that a "pf" folder. And inside that a "fighter" folder. Then inside that you make new folders for each character, and it's inside those folders that you put the textures.
    The file patch code when loaded makes it so that textures on your SD card can be loaded. So with that code, you're ready to use textures now. You just have to put them in the right place.

    Basically... follow the guide some more lol.
    There's a little check box on the list. If you left click it, you should see a check mark next to the code.

    I think that may be the problem.
    Infinite replay code is nice, but you don't really need it for fun textures and such :P

    I *think* you're doing it right, haha. Get some textures and save the GCT and test it, and you'll know if it works or not.
    Okay here's what you do (I downloaded code manager to make it easier for me to explain lol).

    There are two ways to do this, but this way I think will be easier if you're only using 2-3 codes (which codes are you going to use, btw?).

    Open up code manager, and change the Game ID to RSBE01 and change the name of the game to w/e you want (SSBB, for instance. This part doesn't matter IIRC)

    Then near the bottom of the page (not the button on the very bottom, the button above and to the left of the one on the very bottom) click the "Add a code/comment/category" button. Change the name of the code to w/e you want, doesn't really matter much. Then cut the contents of the code and paste them into the "Code contents" area. Then click the "store modifications button".

    Then once you've done that with all the codes you're using, click the "Export to GCT" button. Then put that saved file in the codes folder on the root of your SD card.
    You save the text file with the codes on it as a .gct

    So you make a text file (with, like, Notebook or something), then open that text file in code manager and make sure the codes you want are checked, save that file as GCT, then put that file in the codes folder on your SD card.

    I'm going purely off memory here, so I could be wrong on a few details, however :P
    Just put the stuff in the right place.

    Oh and I think I left my SD at your house...

    And what should I bring to the camping thing?
    I'm gonna **** you with mah ZSS; 'cause it's so ****ing pro, NickRiddle and got **** on me :P

    Yeah, you should start going to more tournaments... they're not that far from you lol

    Also, there's this guy who comes to tournaments from Bakersfield (I played him in the MK ditto last week. He's apparently like the best in Bakersfield or something and we were going reaaaaally even... I should start going to those Bakersfield tourneys and start getting 1st/2nd XD), my parents said maybe I could carpool with him to tourneys, so I'll ask him, and if I can, that'd be amazing. He has to drive by an area that's just about 30 minutes from my house to get to tourneys, so it'd be an incredibly easy drive if we could.

    Maybe you should go to: http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=9790

    Hell when is the dance? Maybe I could meet you at that tourney and then we leave from there to the dance!

    EDIT: Just asked my mom and she said that it would be okay if I met you at the tourney :P
    Okay so apparently the dance thing is on Saturday, and that Vicki said that they were sold out but that it's okay for me to go as long as I bring $15 and pay for it there, and that the beach thing is on Sunday.

    My mom says that it's okay for me to meet you on Saturday and stay over until Monday. Is that okay with you guys?
    Maybe I wouldn't have to leave on Saturday. I could possibly stay until later, like Sunday or Monday. I'll try and run that by my mom :P
    Yeah I think so. Would it be okay if I stayed over at your house that night and into Saturday?

    Nah I can only get 2 every 3 months. I figured the first 3 months of my 6 month membership was about to end, so I might as well get a second name change and not waste it :P

    Well I have UAirs which juggle hella hard, and my BAir can't be punished on shield and stuff.
    Oh sweet, I got my new name finally (like a week after I sent the PM to request the name change).

    What do ya think?

    EDIT: Oh and just now got my sexy *** pink name XD
    Yeah I know, it's just really disappointing/frustrating to not go for something when I have the chance, and realize that that specific chance won't come up again.

    It's like getting 3+ grabs in tourney as ICs, and dropping all of them lol. Like you know you could have, but you messed up bad.

    I might be able to meet you at that homeschool dance thing, and stay over until Saturday this weekend maybe.

    Ima **** your D3... WITH ZSS

    Oh and this thread is cool: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=276328
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