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  • Oh, cool.
    Sleeping bag/pillow, jacket, shoes, (preferably ones that slip on/off easily, 'cause you'll be going in and out of the tent.) sweats, or whatever sleepwear you prefer, shorts for daytime, 'cause it's gonna be hot, I guess, sunscreen, flashlight, book/iPod/DS and some games, whatever games will entertain you, mom says she'd prefer it in a suitcase or something similar, because it fits easier or something.
    Shower stuff, toothbrush, towel.

    tl;dr: y'know, stuff.
    My mom says she'll let yours know if she thinks of anything.

    Here's the facebook page, you gotta sign up soon, I think.
    Yeah, you did.

    So are you coming out for the day, or staying the 5 days?
    Just beat Portal without a walkthrough, oh yes.

    Also, got a 2G SD card, so I'm gonna try to figure out how to get textures and all that, anything I should know?
    I can't do the tournament, 'cause I have class in the morning, and then we have to set up for the dance or something. :/

    That would be amazing if you started placing top 3 in Bakersfield. haha.

    Yeah, it's fine for you to stay over, can't wait to get some practice.. haha.
    I need to start going to more tournaments...
    My mom says there were 4 this morning.. not sure if there are more.
    She says to contact Vicki. o.O
    Do you already have a ticket to the dance?
    'cause I think it's sold out.
    Haha i just use stuff i learned from my old main,who was mario.
    I know NOTHING about mk...
    I think that would be okay, we wouldn't get too much time to play though, 'cause we'd probably be getting home pretty late, and then I think there's a beach thing on Saturday..

    I've noticed in friendlies as D3, I start out really slow, and get combo'd to like 80%, and then I end up getting some ******** kill, like a 0% gimp, or a stage spike.
    It's pretty hilarious.
    Oh, you're going to that?

    Niiice, are you allowed to get as many name changes as you want?

    You can't beat me! I have the Z button and back airs!
    haha just kidding man, you gotta give me tips on how to do stuff with mk i dont know ****!
    I really do think you're gonna start placing one of these days.
    You should have told her that you have Havok-Approved potential, gets em' everytime.

    But in all srsness there will be other fish in the sea. (lolcliche)

    You gotta come over sometime soon, I wanna try my D3 against you. :p
    HOLY ****.

    Best Wario I've ever seen.
    That Down throw to tire to f-smash was amazing.
    It's soooo good.

    Have you seen their flash movies?
    I love the Waitin' for the Bus one.
    Rock Paper Scissors seems like a hard game to read people in, since most people randomize, right?
    Yeah.. fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, CONDITION.


    Amazing. xD
    This is just too good.
    I already got all of Leepuff's habits!
    He ***** a lot.
    "Brawl 1v1 and 2v2 Rules
    * No use of the following:
    Marths Grab Release Inf against Lucas and Ness
    DDD's Grab Inf against Bowser, DK, Luigi, Samus and Mario
    MKs Inf Cape Glitch "

    Yeah MLG rules, I forgot. Banning the DK infinite, the "infinite" on Luigi, Samus, and Mario (from what I hear those aren't infinites until 90% or something like that), and the infinite on Bowser (D3 doesn't have an infinite on Bowser lol), but not banning the infinite in the ditto... lol

    When I was at TP4, I played Sean in a Brawl+ match. I was playing Luigi and I don't remember who he was playing. And I got a misfire kill as the last kill and then Sky yelled "LUCK. LUCK THAT WAS LUCK. NO GOOD GAMES"

    It made me lol

    I heard FlamewaveK timed out a D3 named Zedd (he's from Washington. I played him in a couple friendlies) on SV to win the match. He was probably doing the Lee Martin strategy (which I'm gonna use to fight D3s with my Lucario from now on :p).
    Everyone was like "IS THAT LEGAL??"
    And he kept turning back and saying "YEAH IT IS"
    But I dunno...

    It was.. when I got the misfire kill, Sky shouted, "HE WAS JUST SANDBAGGING!!"
    He got 3 grabs on me.. xD

    vs Vice, I got 2 grabs on him on Green Greens.. but on the second one the wind pushed us both into a bomb and almost killed both of us.

    vs Leepuff, he 3 stocked my MK first round, so I went Luigi on Frigate, and I got him to last hit.. the commentary was hilarious.
    When I was recovering, I killed him with a misfire, and when I missed an UpB, he 9'd me.
    Honestly.. it was just another tournament.

    Pools were supposed to begin at 3pm, my pool started at 7:30pm, because the only TV available was mine (haha) and no one wanted to play on it.

    When pools finally DID start, I got to play twice on the Livestream TV, so that was kinda cool.
    People in my pool were Junk, Vicegrip, Raz, Leepuff, and Cal. I didn't get to play Raz, 'cause I had to leave early though.
    That sounds pretty cool..
    table combo!

    Oh yeah, I had a strange dream last night.
    I was playing m2k in GF's at TP5, and he won, so I motioned to shake his hand and say gg, and he just walked away.
    So I stood up on my chair and started singing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp-wWJBlck8&NR=1

    If this scenario occurs, I'm totally doing the singing bit.
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