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  • Yeah, surprisingly, nothing bad has happened there in close to a month. Probably due to all the inactivity nowadays.

    How've you been doin' anyway? Haven't seen you around in ages.
    I wasn't really talking about nair on platforms because half the time you either don't land on the platform to grab or you have a better option like up air so you won't have the chance to get shield grabbed. I was mainly referencing the way you come off of platforms or "combo" off of them. But yeah your right jab>grab is what falcon is all about, spacing those single hit nairs are great though. From my perspective you have either aggressive or defensive characters, where falcon fits in is conflicting as he has to be a bit of both at all times. Pressuring the opponent enough to get damage on them and trying to stop possible camping while at the same time keeping your distance so you don't get ***** by his awful priority. That's why I love the utilt and single nairs spaced right you can't (most of the time) get grabbed out of them. We just need someone to revolutionize falcon (like taj and mewtwo) and but together a solid metagame instead of trying to find something that's either a lock or an auto k.o.. *cough*tkontk*cough* It's probably a long way off though..
    I've just been playing around with his approaches, single nair to jabs aren't his only hope. The only thing is these need platforms to really work. It's all in the pivot grabs.
    I noticed the spam, and have also myself been lurking. But honestly there's nothing really even to lurk about. I think I may have a few things for falcon, but I don't know when i'll be able to get around to a tournament to really test it out.
    They have a few things going on. Mainly simple, situational follow ups. Which, every character has at this point in time.
    Yeah back at ya, I was having some lag issues so I was getting pissed off at those sds and not being able to short hop right lol. I want to try and go, but it'll really depend on transportation I don't have a ride right now.
    probobly if anyone shows any interest in giving matchup knowledge, if not i can give it up its fine
    It's not about beating him, it's about spreading the word and helping the Falcons.

    (And the fight is still on.)
    Oh hey, for the frame data can you find each frame the attack hits so we can see how long the hitbox is? Easy way to do this is use the move in combination with a move like Spot dodge and compare have the first time an attack hits go on invincibility and see if the second hits. If it does, have 1 and 2 go on invincibility. This way you can get very accurate data and it doesn't take took long. Tell me if you can.
    Would you mind if I quoted the pictures and frame data for individual moves from your threads for my moveset discussion thread? As in, like utilt is this week, so the picture and data for that move.
    yeah I know

    great timing as usual >________>

    but it's really about knee and others that dispute about random arguments and who don't know how smash works.

    until they leave I feel no need to continually prove them wrong


    it's like talking to 4 year olds............ stubborn and unknowledgeable
    Mm, I see. So which is better, in your opinion? The first or second? I'm currently negotiating with the other boards for Capt. Falcon's matchups.
    Hey, if I may suggest, Majora_YoungLink wholeheartedly deserves an invitation to the Falcon BRoom. I mean, he's the only one who's gone out of his way to make a match-up thread for Capt. Falcon when no one else would, plus he seems very intellectual from what I've seen.

    Hope you take this into consideration.
    It seems different people have been wanting to brawl with me today. :/ If you want to brawl, I guess we can. My FC is 2277-7887-4196.
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