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  • Didn't know where to put this, but just to let you know, you're missing Smash 4 Dedede and Diddy Kong on SmashPad's Character section. Also, Smash 4's Mewtwo's About the Character part with poor tournament results is slightly outdated.

    Just thought I'd notify you.
    Random question.
    Do you remember the picture of Brawl Peach with all of her hitboxes/frame data being shown at once?
    Is there any chance you have it/know where I can find it to help me with some lessons?
    Ah dang, totally missed this message! Were you ever able to find it?
    I don't think I have that specific one but I have a lot of Peach's hitbox images saved and might be able to dig around the boards if you can describe it a little more.
    No, I actually couldn't find it. After a few hundred pages I gave up.

    It's just Peach, standing in neutral position, with all of her hitbubbles and frame data... Pretty sure it's a drawing of all of them? The thread was talking about frame data and how that wasn't everything that mattered if the hitboxes were bad.
    A bunch, Changed almost every game. He only took one game off me , and that was because i ran out of time on the character select screen trying to figure out if it was you via tag talk, and it random'd me to villager X____X
    They were. And they knew what they were doing too rather than typical for glory shenanigans, which is why I was thinking it was you.
    What character, out of curiosity?
    Was that you I just ran into on For Glory? If so ggs bro.
    Alas not. Was someone using my tag? Go back right now and kill him.
    Try to get in contact with japanese smashers via facebook. Keitaro has a whole bunch of them as friends.

    I don't even know where to find Kietaro on FB! xD
    ~ Gheb ~
    ~ Gheb ~
    His name's Richard King.
    But you can also add Takeshi Shimizu. He's Shimitake from japan but idk if he can speak english or not.

    Blackberry. I could PM you my number and we could try at least texting each other?
    Yeah, you're kinda lucky with the weather. Scheveningen is super close to where I live, I could also do Delft. Will be kinda hard to arrange if you don't have a cell phone on you though.
    Just to let you know that Leon is waiting for you at the airport right now, idk if you'll read that but since I don't have your phone number it's the only way I can contact you :/
    That's quite close to where I live (like 10-15 minutes by train). I'll most likely be able to meet up during the first half of your trip (so like June 1st-5th). Let me know if you have further details, I'm guessing you'll also have internet access there. :)
    Why would you want to go to the Randstad haha.

    Have fun broski. Should be a lot to see like always :3
    Haha, nice! We should try and meet up. From when till when and what part of the country?
    I'll ask but at the very least you can always crash on my couch, it's not big but better than a bench, so no worries.

    Oh and the smash fest will be on both saturday and sunday. I'll pm you the address and my contact.
    You got it all right, so in order :
    -B line until chatelet les halles, then A line till nation
    -it should take roughly one hour
    -there are no metros between 1 am and 5 am

    I'll tell you more about the smash fest during this week.
    It'll probably be held at my place on saturday but since you're the main guest you tell me if you prefer sunday.

    I don't mind :)

    Edit : my place is near Nation on the A line.
    Yeah you have the B line from CDG that goes straight into the heart of Paris, so no problems.
    Okay, there will definitely be a smashfest on this week end on saturday or sunday, maybe both.
    I know I can host one, I'll ask around for the second.
    when are you coming to Paris ?
    If it's during a week end there is a very very high probability for a smashfest to be organized.

    Also if you there isn't really a thread for the french community, but you can always post on the euro social or leave a post in this part of the french forum
    I wanna join your mafia for Deathnote... Can you let me in, I wasnt even in the BBR before you guys ran that game, and I havent even looked at it yet.

    Just asking because Sold2 said I should take it up with you.
    Don't really care how serious it is, I know it's not a particularly bad bit of malware, my real concern is Mac denying it's very existence and not fixing it unless the customer brings it up.

    This is the actions of a predatory company that merely is more subtle about it then microsoft. When friggin tech support won't fix it unless you've already diagnosed the problem, you've got issues.
    You should post the bbr one in dgames when it's done. Or is it the same as the dgames one you're hosting?
    fff eug hm. Guess I'll just have to try and apply the set uo to different flavor. You should totally let me pre-in to your dgames game though :D
    So like you've done a deathnote mafia before? Cause I made a game a while back I wanted to host sometime. ;o?

    btw why did you randomly ask for my aim?
    in a new city now... not at home, so i'm stealing internet from a hotel lol

    i'll be calling shaw tomorrow hopefully so i can get internet asap... i'll probably be online jan 3rd or so
    sup praxis... can you do me a favour?

    when the day resumes, let everyone know i'm moving to a new place and don't know when i'll be able to get internet?

    Praxis If you can/want, please post your thoughts in the Peach Back Room's active topic. I'd like to hear what you have to say about it.

    hey, can you tell me what options olimar has against peach's float game and how/ if olimar can counter it? im really struggling in the MU lately >_<
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