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  • You will be happy to hear that I have discovered a new love for a song on the Medulla album and it has encouraged me to give the album another go. :p
    Then you should get on grindr and message me AIM! Or text me, I lost your number when I switched to my iPhone :p
    That's how it be sometimez. Personally, I'm not letting any drama or whatever related to high school shake me up. It's irrelevant at this point. Time to move on to college chulas. :p
    That's a shame. You two were so cute together lol.
    My irl gay bff and I haven't met in a minuteeee. Gah, I'll just stick to my females. :c
    I thought I got too personal and you ignored me haha.
    No but I know that feeling all too well. /:

    But it is what it is doe.
    Pluto yesss.
    And yeah uh huh :p although I've noticed lately you never post anything with your gay bff anymore. I'm assuming a fall out?
    It's interesting. o:
    Hmm, I don't really have a favorite album, just songs. But most of my songs come from Volta, Biophilia, and Homogenic. Post and Vespertine only have one song each. And those are the only albums on my Itunes. :p I know I didn't really care for anyyyyy songs on Medulla. But I love the picture of her for the album.

    Yeah, you know, like feeling your appearance. You know you look good and you're flaunting. :p
    I'll have to listen to it again to know which song you're talking about. :p I've listened through all her albums but DC doesn't ring any bells.

    Oh gosh, thank you haha. You've been feeling yourself lately I've noticed. ;)
    I thought your favorite was ancestors? I think thats the one were she's like moaning and panting and breathing heavy lol

    I should! No one likes my face :d
    Biophilia is... kind of bad imo lolol. The songs are okay, but like, have no replay value. I feel like she focused more on getting the literal nature part of the song rather than making it enjoyable. With that said, Thunderbolt is one of my two favorite songs by her next to Pagan Poetry. ;)

    And lolol, I feel like I already know your current life story based off instagram lol. "Omg, got off here now I have to go there, uqqqhhhhh"

    And I'm just working and enjoying my summer until college comes. Talking to some people. :p

    Your tumblr question is so legit, I was going to answer but I have no idea where you go now to change it lmao.
    Finally,someone recognizes! :p
    Yes, I liked the picture so much I had to put Chansey on hold for a bit haha.

    Wait, omg, you're online here. It has been a minute chulo. ;) What is new? Besides your barrage of college pictures on instagram. :p
    Wait, so did you watch BGC?
    If so, you should be on AIM more because these *****es are ****ing crazy.
    I'm expecting an AIM conversation from you sometime later this week. After Tuesday if that is good for you
    I LOVE Nikki! Her Idgaf attitude makes me :) I originally didn't like her that much, but around the time when all the girls hated her I liked her more because she was strong and didn't care lol.
    Ashley got her *** wooped by Kori I'm sorry, hahaha.
    I. HATE. CHAR.

    I feel like the girls are going to turn against her for not showing up when Ashley and Kori got into it. I also don't care for Jennifer too much. Well, at least in her first episode. If you're going to punch Nikki's picture out it doesn't make you hard *****. She should've punched Nikki. I personally think she's all talk and has a horribly long nose. I swear Jessica be dyking :p
    Listening now.
    It's pretty alright. Definitely imagine it being on of those songs that I will eventually play over and over.

    Edit: I LOVE it. I keep replaying.
    So, I saw your avatar on a book yesterday and again today. I was like "so THAT'S what that thing is"

    I'm assuming it's a good book? :p
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