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  • Yo, as a mod can I have your permission to bump this thread on the Peach boards?
    I feel like we have some new members and there hasn't been any new changes to it recently I'd love to see some more people contribute to it, but it's on like the 3rd-5th page now?

    EDIT: I took a break from smash for a few months that's why you didn't c me on the boards for the last few months (if you noticed xD).
    Well ether wayy I am sure I will get infracted and banned soon once again. I'm Dark.Pch. Nuff said ;D
    What? My icon right now is MK lol! I'm maining Peach of course, but I have MK just for the lulz.
    all of us take a break from time to time :D, I took a break from brawl for 3-4 months. Your still one of the best I know! imo wi-fi friendlies sometime again just for old kicks/giggles. "retired" only for a LITTLE i'd say ;D
    I'm fine ty for asking, just curious as to how you are since you don't visit the boards much anymore since you retired...minus today that it is (lololol)

    Just wanted to show I care even if you do all live overseas xD I reaaally would like to go some kind of Genesis thing over in the US and meet you all but I don't have the money and with Uni looming ahead the prospect is pretty much zero lol

    Actually whilst its in my head, you played Melee right?
    I don't suppose anyone found out anything about what determined what Peach pulled up when using her Down Special do you? In Melee that is

    Its something thats baffling me in Brawl and if it could be figured out...well, my idea is Turnip rain to be replaced with Bob-omb rain <3 I've asked around but the best I've found is that its controlled by a RNG
    Wooow both you and praxis never watched pokemon as kids (well with you its more understandable cuz you wouldve been like, 13 or something when it came out). Raz and I are so gonna have a team name called "Praxis and Edrees never watched pokemon as children"
    hey edrees. maaan i'm just in a rut atm. it' s just one of those times where I'm sick of losing. I was at the active gamers tourney today and in singles and unranked singles i lost to stauffy twice, minitrioka, and brian h's olimar. idk what it is but i just can't ever seem to win vs anyone i consider good. it's horribly frustrating too when i find it really hard to space well and not be so telegraphed when I'm getting camped really really hard. i have no idea how you do so well consistently whenever you decide to play. i never beat anyone good, or at least i seldom do and it's just frustrating. honestly, it's just ppl like u or FOW or chip that keep me from just giving up on peach coz i know i can improve but geeeeh, today's like the first time i've actually been upset after tourney sets even if it just lasted like 5 seconds and i wasn't really making a scene or being a douche or johning. -siiigh-
    Taeyeon, empress of the universe. Get Victra to invite you to join our legion and you get your own emote. DOO IT!
    Edreessssss! What's up? You're pretty dead.
    How's that one place you went to? Or did you return already?
    haha thanks ^^

    8 years? T_T I didn't know you were that old, from the podcasts I heard ages ago you sounded like you were 14 or something. xD
    I'm very well thanks, I haven't nuked the Peach Boards whilst you've been gone yet...

    Apart from the US, Japan is one of the top places I want to visit see. The culture/technology fascinates me

    Did you do any brawling there? I heard Peach was in the same tier as the likes of Ganondrof (LOL) in Japan...I hope you proved them wrong :) How was Japan as a whole?
    *shrug* Well I just think Sasuke would win in a straight-up fight.
    But there's really no telling what might actually happen. =P
    Haha, I meant Sasuke.

    I didn't know that game was coming out. Hopefully they don't give him a voice again. @_@
    Bowser is a mid mid tier character in Smash, and Sasuke is usually overpowered in the Naruto games, so probably Sasuke. =P
    You don't say stuff like that.

    You just smile and feel happy that you used someone to your own personal gain.
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