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  • Hey Edreese, I hate to be a nag but would you mind reopening the Snake Rediscussion thread? My exams are over next week so I'll hopefully have enough time to sort all the match ups out, get numbers and info and get rewritten write ups done. Thanks in advance :)
    Hey, could you give me a shout when you reopen the Snake Rediscussion thread? Hopefully we won't have anymore trolls trying to drop PMS bombs...
    Seriously, ever since I bought some tubaware and a microwave - I haven't needed pots and pans.

    1) I don't cook
    2) I live off top ramen.
    i am a heron. i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
    Not really Meta. Shirk deserves to los there. Although, Esrees is a good
    Jigglypuff is cute :3
    How about you use Peach the majority of the time and switch to Yoshi when you fight Mk? :D
    Im so proud of our Peach children :3
    Good thing they didnt get your genes and become mixed with Yoshi :mad:
    actually chaco since hes a peach and yoshi main it would only be fair for him to be a mod of both boards
    Looks like Meta wants you to take some people down. Lol.

    Also, HAI EDREES! <.<
    I'm soooo sry that i had to go in the middle of one of our matches :(. My friend who absolutely DETESTS competitive brawl came over and he always makes fun of me for playing it competitively. I make fun of him for other stuff in return but thats beside the point. I feel really bad ESPECIALLY that i didnt get to show u the down throw chase :urg:. but i did notice that your peach uses double jump for awesome spacing which i see that other peaches lack. im paying attention ^^
    oh yeah ur used to tap jump! well then the egg roll should be fine if u tap jump and use side b really quickly
    anyways ill try to go if my parents let bigfoot drive me. if they dont ill harass them nonstop
    i asked dyz to do the pic and he said yes. ill post a link of the sketch (assuming he posts the sketch for a preview) for you when he works on it :)
    i could ask dyz to draw a pic of peach riding a yoshi for u. im sure hed do it when i tell him that the best peach in the world would like a picture
    Nooooooo Edreese!!!
    I liked your old avi- wait.... what was your last avatar?? I honestly forgot...

    Your new avatar is tooooo... cute for you :p
    Well I think its time for a change mister! No more coffee for you! :p

    Although I must say its soo good when you add creamer and sugar.
    Cool, but be warned, I'd CP if you face any good Lucarios. I want videos too, Edreese. :]

    Lol, and what part of Socal? If you see Burnstocks, beat him in a ditto. It'd make my life.
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