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  • Furrrrrrrrrrrbs...Do you have room to house Bassem and Me for HOBO this weekend? We're nice, quiet people. :) Promise...I'll bring you cookies or some other assorted dessert...
    Furbs, are you going to house for HOBO 20? We're (one Austin car of five people) looking for a place to stay on Friday night and neither seiya, tallman, nor esca is housing. We'd prefer to avoid DF's if possible b/c our experience there last time wasn't particularly great. Esca directed me to you.
    Just to make sure you know, I'm canceling the fest cause it's basically only you, me, and RT. If like another two people came, I would keep it going.
    god ****t furbs there are like 15 people sick from the tournament, next time you are contagious dont show up
    I don't play it competitively and as of now my PC doesn't have it but when I gets it I will let you now and we can play

    there are also other Md/Va players that play it and we can all play sometime
    Ah. I play a sick ness as well :). Probably better then my samus. That might just be because ness is better then samus though lol.
    I think my samus is better then Allans >_>. I need to warm up my samus some because I haven't used her in awhile, but I will practice before hobo16. I used to main samus, so it shouldn't be hard :).
    go ahead I just can't keep up with it and it seems pride can't. So, as long as you will keep it up sure
    :yoshi: Alright, what I've tried checks out unless I'm missing something.

    Make sure you talk with Lil' B and PRiDE with this at length so nobody gets their toes stepped on.
    I'm not sure you knew what I wanted furbs, el paso has its own housing already we're staying with family that lives there but we just want a place to hang out for a bit and meet new smashers on thursday and since I want to get to know socal people this time and not just exchange looks with them I wanted to go to your house.

    then again maybe you are full and we won't be able to walk into the door =\
    so wait when is your showing of TIoBE? Lmao that's crazy that we're both doing the same role at the same time.
    ha figured i should just message u here, 2:30 eh i get out of class around 10 but usually have nothin to do afterwards

    what time would be best for u to meet up?

    lol ill keep that in mind im a mexican that has a nintendo messenger bag and usually wears a black hat
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