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  • Did you seriously pay two dollars to get your name changed to pink on the player's list for Pound 4? :laugh:

    :yoshi: That's unfortunate. I can't see my mom that day, so I'm going anyway.

    Maybe we'll meet at ECRC #4?
    Hey I registered you as my teammate for apex. Team name is Money Shot btw LOL
    Helps alot, also, can you talk to me a bit about grabbing. Your easily the best at this as well. I watched your vid versus atomsk and your grabs after eggs and everything were amazing. How do you know how to time and space them so well?
    I'm asking every great Yoshi player for help. Stocky has helped me with more than he knows, shiri is helping me with my defense, and I want to ask you for help with offense. Because your easily the best at it. I need help with approaching and killing. I can rack damage, but can't finish quickly. So can you give me tips and suggestions?
    hey saw ur match vs Azen at Cataclysm
    sorry u lost but u were awesome just the same
    glad Yoshi has reps like u^^
    Turns out I cant go to CH 4.5 **** happened at the last minute so I cant go sorry
    Hey man its OBCD yea i had a great time battling ur yoshi ive never battled a good yoshi b4 and i actually main pikachu but i didnt wanna show it off in singles yet until i played blue that pivot grabbing stuff was redic lol but agian nice match id like to learn some of ur techniques if u ever have time and some cool advices id appreciate that im in clan Hasaki and unfortunatly i dont have brawl ): but that doesnt stop me from entering ^__^
    PRIDE! Why'd you quit? Come back and play some more. We all miss you! Come to Inui's tourney next weekend!!!!
    yo do u think u could at least pick me up saturday morning and like drop me off at inui's house or somethin? and do u have aim?
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