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Royal Nynja
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  • Take me up as your apprentice and teach me Diddy. Im already decent with him...but I need to learn more ;o
    Im from Tulsa OK, we had a tourney a couple weeks ago. I need to improve my diddy, not many main him over here. or anywhere really, it seems
    are you the dude from Wichita? i fought a wolf that said he knew you, and he killed my diddy because he was used to getting smacked around by you... forgot his name
    Me and flip both from houston. Ill be going to more OoS shiz and im trying to get flip to come to at least one.
    LOL that FD was too ****ing good...i was like "WHO THE **** DOES THAT...NYNJA thats who"
    Yeah i started practicing my insta-throws, im still skeptical but ud made them look so sexy. I dont usually **** talk that much, but i will now. WAY too much fun.
    My *****...finally got in the overrated backroom

    My edge game will be better than yours next time we play, ive never been spiked so much in my life. :(
    The name is Zen, It's a pleasure to meet you. I just wanted to befriend so cool looking people. ^^
    Pit vs toonlink is camp wars and the match up is very stage dependent as well
    i hope u give me a good challenge..diddys are the most fun to fight next to pits ^_^
    Right now I'm looking at prices about $1800 AU which is about $1200+ US for a return trip to America for Genesis.

    I've researched for aaaages looking for cheap flights. Cao told me to wait a while for Delta to set up their Sydney to LAX service which will make prices drop a bit more.

    I have the weeks before and after Genesis (10-12th of July) free.

    I'm not sure whether I want to fly in to NYC or LAX, but it will be one of the two.
    Yo nynja. Give me a holla sometime soon. I wanna look at cheap tickets to get to America for Genesis in July.
    I do, I can't remember what it is though.

    I think it's AnthonyXVyse
    I think.

    I don't use it very often at all.
    (All Australians use MSN for some reason).

    I'll check when I get the chance and give it to you though.

    Though if you wanna chat, just leave me a profile message anytime.
    I'll respond.
    I just got back from work/a late night doing stuff for my homecoming and my club (Asian American Student Assocation). And brother, I got your back - you're one of the straightest Brawlers I've ever played period, and someone like you shouldn't have to take that garbage from anyone, even if he or she is the best player in the world.

    That said, I owned the sh*t out of you. =)


    I'm playin'. I'll play dittos with you for hours, I'm sure.
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