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  • I just want to say... I am extremely glad to have a tournament zelda on board with us :) Don't feel you have to drop into every thread, but posting every so often about your experiences in matchups is definitely welcome :)
    You're a jerk, i'm going to show you exactly how good I am before you quit this community!
    Diddy Kong is one lucky lucky guy. Dash attack done perfectly is unpunishable, even smartly done its almost unpunishable, it has 0 ending lag.
    Wow, I only have 3 infraction points. Lowest in a long time......

    Anyway, after that random thought....

    Just so you know, I won't be updating again until Monday, gonna be in a place without my Wii until then so yeah.
    Since Vyse is gonna be gone for 2 weeks, if you want to do the knockback data it would be ideal, its not very difficult and it does have repercussions, even if they aren't that large. It also could become more useful as better calculations to avoid death are created.
    Yeah, I'm gonna upload 3 snapsots showing attack placements and damage. If the front leg connects on the far end of the opponent, its almost always 14%, middle, almost always 12%, and the close end is 10%.
    I like to help out, and troll lol, but help out nonetheless. Glad to help out, I'm gonna see if Vyse wants to do the knockback data, anyone can do it, hacks or no hacks, and its pretty basic but less useful but still time consuming so I decided I wouldn't focus on it, its more important to get quality frame data.

    And monkey kick is a really weird move. Who woulda thought Brawl actually had sweetspots based off where you hit the opponent, not timing at all.
    Oh and I'm currently doing B-side data which is fairly complicated so I may not update for a bit, but I am working on it :)
    Aw, man. Of all people, I know you think Butthole fooking delicious. We'll compete for Best Stanky Leg Smasher later, since we're both so high on the PR. I gotta go to fooking sleep ma man. I'm out of it, lol.! Until next time ma brotha.!!!
    LOL. Then we take them home and can have butthole to eat for WEEKS! I'm #2 on the Stanky Leg Power Rankings In LA right now :)
    Lmao<3 I didn't talk To Yawara about Dallas yet. But I may go sometime, just for you maynn :) We all gotta chill and do alcohol related stuff LOL.
    Dude, I ****ing miss chilling with you, and your posts are fooking inspirational i swear, ESPECIALLY with the whole Cyphus/Omni thing. <3<3<3 I was gonna pm you this, but I want the whole world to know how i feel about you. lol (no homo) but you really are my favorite smasher. Your going to be the first person I personally ever add on Smashboards as a friend. :)
    Ok cool, I'll try to get complete data for certain moves, I have a pause debugger and as you can see for the puff data, I did a pretty thorough job, I won't take pictures because that'll take forever but I'll make it thorough.
    Hey, as you can probably tell from my stickied frame data thread, I'm pretty good at frame data and I can do it well, want me to do some for Diddy Kong at Smash Lab standard (Scotu emailed me that stuff so I know what I'm doing)?
    lol you ******* you can't be a mod, spam a thread, then close it for excessive spam...
    If you can thats awesome
    if you cant then thats fine too

    we still brothers

    you my big bro teaching me how to bag them babes
    Hey *****, I heard you're not going to 16. :'(

    If Kos-Mos is actually going and you guys are playing sometime this week or something, get him to bring my cap. :D If not I'll just get it from you whenever. I miss it though. xD
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