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Last Activity:
Sep 29, 2017
Aug 6, 2005
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October 9
Brooklyn, NY

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Smash Master, from Brooklyn, NY

NinjaLink was last seen:
Sep 29, 2017
    1. Hyperkin1995
      May I be added to the greninja Skype group too please? :3 my Skype is Ian.Hicks.95
    2. SlickJ
      What's your Skype? I'd like to join the Greninja Skype group.

      Oh never mind found it, it's NinjaLink, I'll leave my post up so people can know you're adding people in that group.
    3. Kenpaichi Jack
      Kenpaichi Jack
      We should get a Brooklyn Smash Team Going
    4. ABSOLutelyFlawless
      i need some advice about megaman
    5. ABSOLutelyFlawless
      omg u live in brooklyn i would like to face u so i can get practice 4 the nintendo world tourney if ur not busy i heard u won the nintendo world tourney also i live in staten sooo.. loll srry im just nervous tlkin to a competitive smash player
      1. NinjaLink
        you dont need to spam me everywhere :/
        Mar 24, 2015
    6. Admiral Pit
      Admiral Pit
      I may wish to call upon your assistance when the time is right. The request? Whenever the time makes it available, I'd love to request recording of a bit of a Palutena ditto marathon (not super long) between Me and AeroLink. The trouble is when we're available, which is also why I may ask for Skype for when that time comes. It'd help the Palutena boards, too at least.
      It's up to you really.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Admiral Pit
        Admiral Pit
        For easier communication capabilities, is Skype available? It can be provided privately if you wish. When Aero's awake and active, I'll be looking forward to hoping to have more love and attention, or at least to be known of potential.
        Sadly I don't know half the things I'm saying sometimes.
        Dec 9, 2014
      3. NinjaLink
        yea. skype is.
        Dec 9, 2014
      4. Admiral Pit
        Admiral Pit
        It's up to you if you wish to let me know what it is. I hope that after all this is done, things will look better for Palutena, who I still think is underrated and under-appreciated.
        Dec 9, 2014
    7. JayDeth
      Does Bowser have armor on anything, specifically USmash? Thanks in advance.
      1. NinjaLink
        From what I know, he has armor just for standing still.
        Oct 15, 2014
    8. RWB
      Hey there. I'm just wondering how noticeable the difference in KOing power on Dr Mario and Mario is- particularly on their smashes. I remember You doing a fully charged F-Smash with Doc and almost KOing someone at 40%...
      1. NinjaLink
        It seems like the trade off is slightly slower but more damage. Doesnt seem too different on knock back for each of the smashes.
        Sep 28, 2014
    9. Ultra*HappyCharge
      SIR! YumenoFujiwara here ^_^
      1. NinjaLink likes this.
    10. <π
      How'd you get some many custom moves so quickly?
      1. NinjaLink
        I'll explain later
        Sep 25, 2014
      2. NinjaLink
        Did you see my video already?
        Sep 28, 2014
      3. <π
        Yep, commented on it too. Awesome find.
        Sep 28, 2014
    11. Sosuke
      1. likes this.
    12. Captain Zack
      Captain Zack
      wtf you beat emukiller
      1. NinjaLink likes this.
      2. NinjaLink
        yea i beat him. first time was 2 sets in GF. Another in WF and GF.
        Aug 19, 2014
    13. bigman40
      Hey, do you happen to have the set of me vs Seibrik on your Wii? If you do, can you upload it for me? I really would like to see how I was doing during that set.
    14. prOAPC
      do some stream again :D
    15. rPSIvysaur
    16. fource
      Lulz, you mad. And whatever, man! You ruined the texture, I can't believe you told Cameron to give Diddy pants! That was an awful idea! ):
    17. #HBC | J
      #HBC | J
      just wanted to thank ya personally for helping out ;D

      so thank you :laugh:
    18. #HBC | J
      #HBC | J
      Heya NL, I was wondering if you could help the Lucas' with the ICs MU discussion since we are discussing it and you have played Lain and won. ^_^

      hope im not bothering ya ^^"
    19. mb?
      hey do you still play diddy in brawl
    20. TheBlossomingLily
      I've been watching your matches on YouTube and then started hearing about how well you've done in Tournies.

      I love your use of ALL characters!!

      That's all I had to say, lol~
    21. rPSIvysaur
      NL, make a page on the Lucas Video thread for yourself. You can really help a lot of people learn Lucas. ;D
    22. #HBC | J
      #HBC | J
      probably gonna here this alot but <3 your Lucas so much.

      So much fun to watch.
    23. o-Serin-o
      Did you leave the BBR or did you get kicked out?
    24. KayLo!
      Gotcha, I won't forget this time!
    25. bigman40
      Yo, do you want me to upload the two matches I saved on my wii? And the few matches I have saved on your wii could you upload those for me?
    26. KayLo!
      I demand your Lylat texture IMMEDIATELY. The one with the extra red background. I saw it at VC, and someone told me you have it!

    27. PentaSalia
      heys i know it's probably late to ask but i think i saved game 1 of my match vs fatal and bizkit on ur wii.

      just wondering if there's any way you can send that to me D:
    28. KayLo!
      Fine. ;; Cookies and goggles. Now do it!!!

      (Please. =X)
    29. KayLo!
    30. phi1ny3
      I could use a couple of Diddy tips, I think Imma secondary him (if not maybe main him).
    31. Gnes
      April 2-4th...and ur back to winning tourneys...pay for yourself lol. But if u really need some money and thats the deciding factor, ill help u out :)
    32. Gnes
      R u coming to whobo???

      U should ^_^
    33. Rayku
      Did you find housing for Final Round? I heard you might be going if you did.
    34. phi1ny3
      Anywho, I hear you chat with some Lucarios about some frame intensive stuff and whatnot. Mind if I could get a little knowledge on that?
    35. phi1ny3
      More that it isn't used as often, it's like I see so many times where dtilt could fit in very usefully because a lot of his zoning ground moves get ousted from shielding them properly lol, and this move is like a weaker version of Marth dtilt, which is a looooot better than many other character's dtilts.

      That and dtilt stops phantasm really well.
    36. phi1ny3
      Yeah I saw, you use some moves that I think more Lucario players need to impliment (like dtilt, soooo underrated as a poke, esp. against Falco).
    37. phi1ny3
      I remember you!

      Like a year ago, you were giving a bunch of ideas for the Lucario boards (like a lot of people at the time), but they weren't very open back then <_<;

      tbh, I think you have a very inventive Lucario, you impliment some basic but innovative playstyle "tweaks", and I felt personally your stuff wasn't all that bad.

      Plus you **** with a bunch of chars.
    38. Tin Man
      Tin Man
    39. KayLo!
      Ahh~ short notice.

      I'll try. If I can't manage by then, I'll give you a hug and an IOU instead.
    40. KayLo!
      I probably forgot to write it down, lol.

      I'm sorry. :(
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