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  • I only saw you against the Toon Link, and it blew me away. I even fav'd it on Youtube. How long did it take you to get so good with Lucas?

    Hey, I´m vacationing in Chia/Bogota without my Wii. I was wondering if you know of any places where I can play Brawl, or of any tourneys or smashfests going on. Thanks.
    Yea, I got aim and msn, but I use aim much more. My aim is Galeonez. If he/you only have msn, it's destromaths@yahoo.com.
    nope lol.
    porygon 2. He's a beasty tank thanks to trace. =)
    Porygon Z is... meh. I can always play actually.
    makes sense. guess I got lucky lol.
    My team has two UU and four OU. It works out pretty well.

    I'm tryinf to make more teams, like Rain Dance (Ludicolo, Kingdra, Lanturn, Swampert, Toxicroak and Bronzong) Sunny day (I have no clue lol), and Hail (Abomasnow, Tentacruel, stallrein, some others). I also need to get a porygon2. It's too good!
    You have a pretty good team.

    Lol. Encore helped. I guess you thought I was going to switch lol. I thought you would, but why would you? so i stayed in lol. When you sent out golem I knew I was fine unless you just attacked, but you had free turns to set up; you wouldn't waste them, so i sat there lol. Waited... Waited... Now!
    Thing is sandstorm ended too early. If it would have ended one turn later, My salac berry would have activated and I could have swept with Doom, but meh. I could have used a sub too, but I didn't want to have 5 HP left.

    GGs. pokemon is fun. I still think I suck.
    Mine is 5113 0580 5759.
    Not really. standard rules. sleep clause, evasion clause, Soul dew clause, OHKO clause

    I'm probably missing some lol.
    hola proAPC como estas espero que bien, oye si no fuera molestia te gustaria unirte al club social que creo mi amigo Gamepro se llama School of Pk ok.

    sorry, just checked my messages- busy day back at school :ohwell:

    up for playing on Wen or Fri? Im most open on those days this week. Friday anytime before 6 EST, and We anytime that isnt between 2-5 EST.

    again, sorry i didnt get your message until today. I vote standard OU play- sleep clause, species clause, evasion clause, OHKO clause, and Self-OHKO clause. No Ubers!
    anytime you want a pokemon friendly, just send me a message with a date/time. im EST.

    and if you use a ****ing Breloom on me, my Dugtrio(favorite pokemon!!!) will OHKO it. Outspeeds + Aerial Ace hits for 4x damage :)

    "Breloom is gay" thread :)
    i threw my critique up of your match. hope you enjoy! (and i hope i critique better than i play!)

    as i say in the critique, its always fun to watch your matches. :)
    o es un nuevo amigo de aqui y bueno ya sabes por el nombre que es de us asi que bueno creo k seria bueno k lo conoscas por que es un user de ness o y bueno gracias aunque gusto donde estoy solo estamos n alerta no es algo confirmado espero k siga asip o k deplano lo solucionen

    hola pues quisiera k conocieras a un buen nuevo amigo su nombre aqui es milesg2g ok se k te podria agradar jiji

    o sip y bueno m referia a bueno ya k mostre como soy a eso me refiero estaba n la manana pero tube k salir a ayudar con algunas cosasy stoy devuelta

    bien espero no asustart si lo hago ntendere k no quieras hablar mas conmigo ok

    ok asi que ya sabes mientras existan amigos como tu gente mas noble que yop y mucho mas o con solo alguien que haga lo correcto yo tratare de dar lo mejor de mi y se que tu tambien lo puedes hacer ok

    hola prOAPC como estas gracias por precuparte con amigos como tu se que no estoy solo ok gracias por eso checa mi respuesta en omelet ok

    Hi pal what´s up. so here uare, im MAO from ctg Col .
    i use a classic controller
    jump - ZL, A
    attack - ZR, B
    special - X, Y
    R - Shield
    L - grab
    OMG LOLS WOW so much easier with jump set to L btw what controls you use?l =jump c stick= b stick and thats it?
    Quibo parce!!!que mas=] yooo bro ive been getting some combos herre and there with lucas and im going to a tourney in the next few weeks^-^ mabye ill do some damage..but yea i cant pull off the fullhop magnet so hard but ive seen you vids really nice dude =]
    a suena bien chido por eso echale ganas para que te gradues ok yo e estado ocupado con la escuela por eso tambien
    Dieegooo que mas loko? listo pa el torneo en quilla este sabado? hay un duelo pendiente.
    hey remember you made a post about Lucas doing Dtilts out of a grab on certain characters, then it trips them and then forward smash? can u tell me which characters it works on?
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