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  • o my pad sorry for not notice that you don't understand too much the spanish ok my bad but well if you want to talk with me i will so bye
    o bvaya lo escribi mal ok s omelet chatroom ok animo alutiel ok yo te dare la bienvenidad alli si tu quieres aunk lo haria aunque no me lo pidieras ok

    hi alustiel well if you like to meet more lucas userjoin in the omelet back room v2.5 ok is avery good place and well if youlike i can talk with zman for you can join in the omelet back room ok

    thanks im happy and honored to be friends so how are you ?(i jured that i leave a visitor's message jiji )

    gracias estoy feliz y honrado de ser amigos asi que como estas ?(vaya juraria que deje un mensaje de visitante jiji)

    i use a classic controller
    jump - ZL, A
    attack - ZR, B
    special - X, Y
    R - Shield
    L - grab
    try to set your jump to L or R, it makes things a lot easier
    good luck in your tourney :D
    and thanks :)
    there's a colombian forum for smashers, cobrawlers.webs.com, you can join if you want. In that forum, a guy called "starkilled" joined a few days ago, and he's from Cali, but lives in New York, i thought he (starkiller) and you were the same person
    never mind about starkiller...
    i only play offline, friendlies and i often go to tournaments
    hola :)
    oe, de donde eres?
    te invito a esta página de smashers colombianos
    cobrawlers.webs.com ahi estoy yo como - A P C -
    hay gente de Bogotá, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Ibague, Cali, Medellín...
    y si, uso bstick desde el primer dia que me enteré de eso :D
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