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  • Hey,
    This is that billie guy from the hookah bar that also plays lucas. Yep.
    wii - 6668 0746 1578 3456 Friend code - 1848 1374 6298
    I'm sure that you and your boys have a thing or two to teach my crew. Lets ****ing smash. I'm no tourney player, but have been playing for fun for years. Hurry your little whistley *** over to the wii and play me boy.
    -billie mosley

    I won't be available until about 9 tonight. Other than that, just IM me & I'll respond if I'm around.
    Got WiFi on your DS by any chance? Lookin' for other Smashers to battle on Plat, had at least 30 battles with Chibo helping him prep for the VGC tomorrow.

    If you do: 3781-6337-7954
    I knew exactly what you meant *wink wink* (kidding....)

    The point is that smashboards needs to maintain a PG rating in appearance, and I don't think I'd be representing MLG's interests by allowing a thread by that title, lol
    hahaha, we both know that wouldn't fly as a topic title, but hilarious nonetheless
    let's play today :)
    i can play late at night, what about 11 pm Eastern Time?
    which rules?
    Hey, from reading your visitor messages I guess I'm the "good falco" looking to practice haha

    I'm down to play whenever I'm available so feel free to let me know
    I live in Va Beach
    If you can play later theres a good falco looking to practice with people and somme of his friends who are learning. we could meet up at his place. If not then we can just play at your place, ill give you a call around 12:30.
    G'day mate I thought I'd offer you a invite to my crew for Reapers tourney, anyways let me know if your joining us :)
    I know, I hate how they can't see that I'M running this tournament, and that they can't sway my opinion. If they don't like my rules, they shouldn't play.
    I will keep that in mind, but I'm also a sadist, so I'm just as likely to not do it for the challenge. :)

    I've also seen how much my Darkrai would **** in Ubers with no Sleep Clause, so I'd be dumb not to go with LoomKiss.
    edit: nvm, I figured out why my reply didn't show here, it was on my page (it's late, don't judge me :p)

    Ah, ok. Vap's got Lefties already.

    One thing that's got me worried is lack of Sleep Clause. Nintendo used to have it in their tourneys (I think, been a long time since RBY), and they had Freeze Clause back then too (not as important now since it's not permanent anymore)

    I'll hunt for Swinub later, it won't be too hard to find it. Either way, I'll be able to start testing on PBR tomorrow (not that I want to waste the $, but it's the best way to practice, since I can't get WiFi on my DS right now)
    I do think I remember it now - the Dusknoir probably, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway.

    I've got a Vap & Hippo already (yay Pokésav), & T-Tar is banned 'cause Pupi evolves @ 55. Leftovers being restricted to 1 is a pain, but w/e, it's not a big deal. Vap looks good to me - I'm running the Wish/Pro/Surf/Toxic set on it right now; not sure how good Toxic is with the status curing Berries.

    I'll probably go with CBMamo as my 6th; I'm looking at the Serebii Pokédex for evolving Piloswine, and I'm not sure what it means to "evolve with Ancient Power" (though I can always just make it in Pokésav) :)
    If you remember, what was your old sand team? I know we battled, but I don't keep logs, so I don't usually remember the teams (or people) I've played against.

    Thanks for the Gengar advice, btw. If I drop Meta, I could still use ScarfGar. My one problem with Scarf is it being more useful for standard battles, since there's more switching in 6v6. Any item suggestions? I ran Expert Belt before Deoxys-E leads became prevalent.

    I also have to pick 2 more Pokemon, but I'll figure that out eventually. :)
    Alrighty. A few of mine are actually (old) BL though, so I hope that's alright. The team is still in the making, but I keep on running into the same people in UU ladder and it gets rather annoying when trying to test out new aspects of teams. So yeah, any help and battling would be appreciated. Danke. :)
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