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  • I added your Wii #.... whenever we're officially registered with each other, I'll send those replays.
    Bit late I know, but I felt like I shoulded added you after leaving Silven's place. It was good to finally meet you.
    Dude tell me everything that happened on last sunday in anime castle b+ tourney son. Cuz i was gonna go, but i said **** it and just stayed home assumed you wouldnt go cuz usually its a SCRUBS tourney lolz.

    but yea tell me everything in anime castle, i didnt think you'd go, if i knew, i woulda gone for sure so u can 3 stock me in b+ XD!!! the venue is entertaining but the school next to it looks like jail LOL
    I know that you gets tons of crap about this stuff, but it would be way too awesome of you if you put of more vids of your Kirby.
    I'm sure he's not so bad in friendlies lol. I wouldn't know tho. I prolly wouldn't be able to beat him. I need to start playin gayer in tournies lol.
    I dont blame you dood. It's tournament, play to win. I would of done the same thing. I mean, that's what arrows are for, right?
    Hey NL... I need some input on what you think... I believe there's a way to force a trip from Zelda's dtilt... I'm not entirely sure about its mechanics, but if you trip someone, and then time the dtilts in some way, you get trips on succession multiple times. I tested this on wario. It wasn't consistent though.

    What do you make of this? Is it luck? Could this go further?
    lol srry if i was a little brief i just thought you might be sick of ppl saying your amazing and your a legend so i dont rlly know wat to say that would help you i can give you advice if you want. ^^
    Thanks! Let me know if there's anything you want done though as I totally respect your opinion.

    Keep repping Zelda!
    I heard that you beat Atomsk w/ Zelda @ a tourney. How was it? Was there a certain tactic that was working better than others like just jabbing?
    yay....... do i really have too write more? whats up with that? "YaY" thats all i want too say. God ****IT. Oh btw, whats going on
    Dude your icon`s really clever, did you merge Near+L`s stuff for it or were you inspired by coincidentally seeing it? I find the alphabetical order of it all kind of odd.. L M N... is that just coincidence in the DN universe you think? Obviously not for the writers.
    Hey ninja link i saw you at brawl@ the mall doin all these tricks wit diddy if u go to the next one lets friendlie
    Could be... or it could be in past lives , rivals or something. Just sharing my two cents.
    Iv been watching your matches, and its like you are super against M2K, but others your'e more mellow... How come?
    Yo ninjalink, I just wanted to tell you your diddy is average at best. I could probably destroy you with my Ike no joke. So yea just tell me when and I will destroy you on wifi to prove my skillz.
    Yo Ninja Link, I just wanted to tell you that Your Diddy is amazing. Haha I'm sure you've heard that many of times. I main Diddy as well, I sent you a friend request if your interested. What are you doing this February 28th? Tourny coming up.. :D
    NL there's a vid of me fighting Nackers Rob on ur wii from Deez and Snins tourney, would u mind uploading or sending it to me?
    Ninja, watched all ur videos. Absolutely amazing. You really bring Brawl to a new level. Good job.
    I main diddy if you wanna ditto sometime =)
    Hey ninjalink, I know you might have many challengers in your brawl life, but I want to do a couple wifi's with you! XD Message me back sir.
    Hey i cant find on here where it explains how to dribble with one banana, can u link me to it or explain it to me please?
    Some random on your profile :/

    I know you don't main diddy, but who do you main?

    I hope you answer this :(
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