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  • WTF!?!??! thats grossss.

    SHDA... the trick is getting the first arrow high by shooting it as quick as possible.
    Then you can just quickdraw the second arrow.
    You will get the timing after a while.
    Frist just focus on that first arrow.
    Nah its fine matey, It's all good. Turnout is looking really good for the next fest:)
    From what I've heard, better then me lol.
    Probably on par with or better then George.
    Should get like 10 people coming in Feb sometime, might hold a smaller get together before then tho, need to 4 stock my exams first.
    ohh cool, online is poor as hell tbh anyway, your not missing anything lol. No johns next time we play then:p can practise:) x
    Heh. Yeah, there are some pretty unsociable people on here. Most are pretty cool though.

    If you need any questions answered or anything, just give me a shout lol.
    Ehh, Smash Lord is just a title given to you if you've made over 1000 posts, it's not really a reflection on skill, because if it was I'd be a Smash Nublet lol.
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