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  • D'oh. I don't get on AIM much at all.

    I have the shortest attention span known to man. That's why I put post-its on my wall just to remember things.

    No lie, if you want me to remember something, you have to remind me fifty thousand times. x.x
    Uhh. o.o No?

    I dunno, you haven't been around, lol. Welcome back, yaaaay!

    How much is the chinatown bus to MD roundtrip? Do you have a link or something? I need details D: thanks in advance.
    Uni really really REALLY sucks.
    I'm sorry man :(

    Come this Thursday I'll be a free man, no more uni commitments for a long time. So I'll be on aim all the time, I promise ;)
    Met you Briefly at Game Unicon. Wore Wii stuffs. You were soooo tired that first day when everything was being setup xD
    Very cool textures and music for your Brawl btw.
    Hi. I don't mean to bother, but I was wondering if you had any tips vs MK as Toon Link. Any help would be appreciated. >.< & Cgrats for beating M2k
    i finally figured out the zelda fox matchup.


    dont approach.

    laser, run away, punish, laser,laser,laser,laser,punish, GAME

    now i win like 55% of the time

    okay you can rub it in my face son.




    hey, when we fought on sunday, specifically when it was olimar vs diddy, do you remember anything specific i was doing wrong that i can improve on, and do you have any advice for me on that matchup in general?
    Hi I was wondering if you could tell me where I can find the code to view replays with tags. I tried searching Google but nothing relevant came up. Thanks in advance!
    dude I need to speak to you about this whole nayru's momentum cancelling thing... read my post over at the board if you're ever on lol
    Hey man,
    I wanted to say I am a big fan of your Zelda, its amazing and has been a inspiration for me as a Zelda main. I've been watching a lot your videos ot get better and your a great example for that.. If you wasn't busy i'd like to talk, if it wasn't a problem. Thanks bro.
    I want to know how do I get an invite to the group of smashers that want to be known for their ability to brawl at an "acceptional" level, by whoever's standards are considered "acceptional". If I could get a PM back on this, I'd be greatful.
    hey it's Minty. I saved the replay of the 3rd game of me / malcom's set on your wii, can you do me a favor and upload it when you get a chance?
    quick question that didnt get answered in the interview (if you dont mind):
    if you could only use 3 chractrs in a tourney, which ones would they be?
    Hey, just a quick question from a random diddy player from the land of england, how does one receive an invite to Workshop Back Roomers?
    Hey, do you have smashfests around your way? I see you and D1 play a lot, so I was wondering if I can tag along, besides I have to officially meet you, I just see you around lol
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