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  • Can you add me to the Rosalina skype group? My name is johnathancerreta on skype. Thanks so much!
    Added contacts to add to group when accepted thanks
    Hi, remember me from discord? Yeah, I decide to follow you so you deserve it. Also, I hope we even face each other, sometime on smash.
    Hey thanks! Sorry missed your comment, found it checking my wall. Hope to talk again man sometime.
    No problem, man. I hope so, too.
    Well first off, if you're using the side-B / down-B thread, don't pay any attention to the names/pictures, since I changed them for April Fools day.

    I kind of figured that there weren't really going to be any new Sonic mains so I haven't really bothered to fix it up rofl.

    Sonic is terrible to play unless you have a grip on pressuring people - like know how to space yourself when they're on the edge, chase people when they're trying to land/recover, have a feel for when people like to airdodge, spotdodge, roll, or attack in defense.

    I'd strongly suggest that after you get a good grip on those, then come back and start working your B-move game lol.

    As for AT's, there's spinshot, which you can look around (there's an rFAQ [really frequently asked questions] thread) for input help.

    The most prominent "AT's" are:
    Spin Cancels
    side-B shield cancels on the ground while it's charging.
    down-B shield cancels if you release it in midair and hold shield as you land.

    Spin Charge is the official name for down-B, so we call aerial down-B's ASC.

    Foxtrot/Dashdance/Dashdance pivoting
    Foxtrotting is just tapping forward at a steady rhythm - if you do it right, Sonic will restart his run each time you tap it.
    Brawl Dashdance is quickly doing a forward-back-forward-back... etc motion so that your character starts turning around in place.
    You can use Dashdance to turn around during a foxtrot, and that usage is what we call Dashdance pivoting/ DDP.

    Again, they're all pretty useless/just for flashiness unless you have a grip on pressuring/reading people.

    yes, I main Sonic. The closest thing I have to secondaries are Falcon/Ganon/PT lol.
    oh yeah.


    I actually saw you on AiB earlier, maybe. But I thought it was Camalange, haha.
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