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  • Still wearing your Christmas hat? **** you're even more dedicated than me and I kept mine for months past december. lol
    ♣ I can't say I did because I was too young to play it at the time, I played the Puyo Puyo series when I was three years old going to four and loved every single title. Puyo Puyo ~n and Puyo Puyo 7 is currently my top favorites. <3 ♥
    it was a great time, i hope you had a lot of fun. your lucas is pretty awesome, nice placing too! come by smash fridays if you wanna play some more
    Heh, I played table tennis most of college and got pretty good. Went to the college national championships twice in 5 years. Needless to say I played a LOT. Like 5-7 hours a day at some point haha. I have a couple of pretty good paddles.
    I can see 20/20 now ^_^. Was worth it for me cause I play table tennis. And lately my eyes were moving so fast I could feel the contacts shifting on me. I don't know if I was making it up but I just couldn't find a comfortable pair. I'm happy now though.
    Haha sup. Going to be kinda blurry the next few days, getting Lasic surgery today @.@; Like the name reminds me of the Kill Bill snow samurai sword scene.
    Haha, yeah I do have plenty of posts. ;)

    Thanks for the avatar comment. I love this avi. :P
    o snap, nuro is a cool guy. I have not talked to darkcloud in a while, i think i owe him a marth ditto MM lol. hiya.
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