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  • Oh god xD I absolutely love Excel_Zero's Peach. Its aggressive and he has so much momentum. Have you watched his combo video? he is so crazy. Thank goodness I'm going to Puerto Rico in February. Hopefully theres a tourny there~
    I'm doing good. Went to a couple of smashfests and I started playing more patiently. Tomorrow theres a smash fest at a friends house and Candy and Plank are gonna drop by :D
    How are you doing?
    its not luck. im top notch with my character( just like chip lol)
    its a bit hard to give advice when i dont know who u main but i can try my best
    how do i observe and mindgame my opponnets? i switch up my game a lot, playing either very aggressive or defensive depending on the circumstances and where i am in the match. a good mindgame is short hop upair, fast fall, dash up smash. maybe ur character can do something similar. it makes so if the upair is air dodged, then u can immediately hit with an upsmash in lots of cases. just play the game a lot and watch videos of urself playing and dont give up. i think that will make any1 become a lot better ^^
    I can't say for sure, until I play with the top players and see by myself. But I know that by having a secondary, the task would be easier.
    I can't remember you... :x and I just won a tourney today as well.

    Watch what they do during scenarios, find a way to punish.

    Watch what you do, see how you are punished. Change it up
    thanks man. i noticed when i float dair, you will shield and nair. i think i'll use that more. How did you do offline today?
    Cool. I was confused because its 11 here. so its 10 there. I'll wait no prob
    hmm! got it~
    Thank you so much GoodKid for all the advice your getting me. Do you think we can play later to show my old geezer side?
    That was a good read. I read a thread about that before. Thanks for the advice. I have no idea why i play aggresive. I just play like that. And i do sandbag, thats why i repeat my moves. I hate playing patiently. But i must. What are some good approaches?
    Oh wow! I saw those matches at Ankoku's thread. I LOL'D at the GW match. White is sooooooooo patient
    I've been doing well until March, and then April on I've been losing and barely winning any matches. But this past week I did as well as I did in March. So I'm progressing. Your first tourny will be fun ;D
    Predict what he is going to do by following patterns and thinking stuff like "what would I do if I were in the same position?" and the like. It all comes with experience.
    Well, I didn't get to fight M2K's MK, nor Tyrant's MK, so I don't really know. It's really hard to fight MK. Just play it smart, try to read his movements and punish his mistakes the best you can.
    The only MK I MM was Sean (which was Ally's partner in doubles). He seemed to know the Peach matchup really well, but I was really close to beating him. I lost, since I used Marth in one match (and I played horribly with him) and the last match I got killed by an Up B at 50% or so. =\
    I'm actually good at the snake matchup. It's really simple, you just need to be out of his tilt range waiting for an opening to create a combo that will take him out of the stage. There, you can keep up racking damage since you can edgeguard and get him out of his cipher with Nair, Bair, Fair and you just keep up racking damage. It's not as easy as it sounds, but with good prediction and evasion of his tricks you can outmaneuver him. Of course, you need to make sure he hits you the least as possible, since he can kill you a lot faster than you can kill him.

    The players from puerto rico at genesis were:

    Ling Ling

    You can see their placings on the genesis results thread. :)
    Yeah, I totally hate Peach dittos. I need to get better in that matchup, or learn the Peach matchup with me using another character or something. Thanks for the creative and amazing part. :)

    I actually MM Dojo & Ultimate Razer in teams, and we lost since Ling was sooo nervous because it was his first time against players from another country. I also MM Ally, and he won 3-1 to me, but every single match was reaaally close (with him being 1 stock and a lot of damage). I also played Sean's MK (Ally's teammate, and he knows the Peach matchup impressively well) and I was winning, but I used Marth on one match and did horrible with him, and the last match I was winning but I got killed at around 40-50% with an Up B off stage, which made me lose. Aside from that I don't remember, since I really did not play all that much friendlies/money matches.

    Also, Puerto Rico will possibly attend Pound 4. And we'll make sure to be extra ready this time. ;)
    Awesome. The Melee matches were epic.

    I did well in teams, but in singles my inexperience in Peach dittos got me eliminated from the tournament. I still got 33rd which is not that bad. :)
    I don't tend to airdodge to the ground when I'm close to the enemy since I will get punished in my landing lag frames (if the opponent knows what he's doing of course).

    And about predicting... it gets to be second nature when you play a lot and get experience.

    And I will critique your videos later, since I'm leaving now to practice for a while lol.
    Well to be honest, me and Ling Ling still haven't practiced teams at all lol. I guess we'll start training on Cali when we arrive.

    And well, that match is pretty old. I have gotten better overall since then, not just the tech skill. And well, I could teach you if you want, but what is exactly what you want to learn?
    ahh I cant tell you a story, gotta save our trump cards, also the accent is what makes them good, sorry :(
    also the girls are same as anywhere else I guess, I dunno.
    hey mate, hows things in the USA, we're allright at smash, there's a guy coming with us called shaya, known pretty well in the marth smash boards, he usually places 1st so he'll be the best one among us. I normally get around 4th or 5th which isnt too bad, but I dont think we'll be able to keep those placings in genensis :) should do alright though
    we can all tell you crazy stories about Australia in our crazy aussie acents too, maybe we can do that to distract you guys during matches and win ;)

    on the other hand, if your talking about melee, we're all gonna get completely pwned, except for caotic who we're coming with.
    We've never played in a teams tournament before. xD

    But I'm still sure we're gonna do all right. =]
    Thanks! We are probably going Peach/DDD for Teams and Singles, but we might switch characters if we need to do so.

    Also, thanks a lot for the list you sent me on the private message. I'm sure it will help me prepare a bit better. Thanks again! :D
    I said I would team with Jem if he wasn't going to team with DEHF or DSF. I never said anything about teaming with Valdens lol
    Thanks! I actually started using Snake one week before that tournament. xD

    I'm going to team with Ling Ling, a friend of mine from Puerto Rico who is also going.
    heh, i dunno, i guess i just play alot of peach, the speed comes after getting comfortable with the character, but sadly no, i will probably not make it to genesis cuz im poor lol.
    That was my second time playing a R.O.B. -_-. We were both learning essentially even though it was tournament. I think I could give him a better run for the money now. His Dsmash is still ludicrous though.
    I use Up-A, but after the first one I switch to R to jump and C-stick to do the uair (yeah, I use R for jumping, it helps me a lot.)
    Ah, it's okay. They're both really good, so I was just happy to keep it as close as I did. In doubles, Bowyer and I only lost to Omniswell and hateoni/ding-dong.
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