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  • No, I'm not French. Your group just happens to be one I tried to join.

    Look at my group list and you'll probably figure out why. You don't have to let me in though. :p
    Not really, I have too many exams these days.
    I'm going to S.N.E.S. in America this August though, and loads of UK ones and TSL too hopefully.
    If you want to know my skill level... iunno, ask istudying or someone lol.
    J'aimerais bien mais sa tombe sur la même date qu'un tournoi au Canada, puis mon frère ne semble plus vouloir y aller. Désoler =/
    Oh I see ok.

    I have A Levels too D=

    In fact, I had my Exercice de Traduction oral exam on Monday, I did well though haha.

    Don't you have baccalauréat in France and not A-Level? XD
    Yo, it seems you're not making matchup threads anymore?

    In that case, should I just post one for Sheik, right?

    I'm sure they'll be enbthusiastic enough about it... >__>
    Can you chaingrab a yoshi with falco?
    Is there a wierd threshold percentage or something?
    He always footstools/Double Jumps out of it. It may just be my timing.
    Hey Blad01, The Dates for SVB is 11th - 13th of september. There are no confirmed games yet for svb yet but I think Brawl will be confirmed as a tourney game for svb. If it is, then I guess the Uk Brawl players have to train up Before you guys come over :chuckle:

    whats up man, I know I told you about that LA National tourney, but you have to check out Genesis is you haven't already, that looks like it will be a lot better than the NVGA & more people for the French to ****!!
    whooooooooops...I just saw it XDDD
    Too bad I don't have MSN...I'll send you some PMs then

    Il me faut une invitation pour entrer dans le groupe de brawlers francais? J'aurais crus que juste le faite que tout le monde dedans parle francais et que donc il y a moins de 10 personnes qui comprendrait sure ce site entier serait assez pour dissuader ceux qui viendrait vous emmerder.
    Yo, if you plan to join Ganongasm, you need to join soon. Like within the next few days. If you do not want to, please tell me. Thanks.
    All of the Falco players are attracted to DK for some reason. I went from Falco to DK myself ha ha.
    Yo dude, I'm like really close to finally uploading your replays LOL.

    I just processed everything into video files, so sooner or later it will be uploaded to YT.
    What up man, you keep on talking about how leon has an excellent peach. There's this LA tourney in the summer & their giving out money to go if you need help w/ that!!! I'm not going, but the Peach board really wants a Peach to win a large scale tourney! Bring Frances best if you can! I want to see how all of the different regions in US & international community compares! Heres the link, & it says their giving the scholarships on the bottom, I'm not sure how much though: http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=3351
    I made a post in your Falco guide about adding my laser tech guide to its links. Would you do this please?
    Record them at 50Hz....

    I think you cant record long replays at 60Hz

    I dont care about the speed, I want watch them and prove my victory :p
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