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  • Hey, I saw that you are the guy to talk to for finding people to play smash in the Spanish community, you wouldn't happen to know if there is a scene in Bilbao (or somewhere close) at all would you?
    Hi there, I think there may be some smashers in Bilbao but I don't know anyone personally. Check it out on smashbrosspain.com .There's a subforum for foreigners to ask stuff like this and it gets many views. Wish you luck
    Awesome thanks
    Hey there pal! I'm the swiss smasher you met at Salon del Manga Barcelona! How are you? We should play together another time! I'll send you my friend code later! See ya
    Hi, sure thing, let's play whenever
    Hey macbri,

    My name is Adam and my wife and I are visiting Barcelona for our honeymoon. I was hoping to get in touch with that region to hopefully play a few matches while I'm there. Would you be able to link me to a smash Facebook group for Barcelona or Spain? I seem to be having trouble finding it on my own, haha.

    Thanks again!

    Hola! Soy estudiante de Irlanda que acaba de llegar a Granada para estudiar en la universidad...Juego Brawl y quiero saber si hay jugadores cerca de allí? Muchas gracias! :)
    Yo Marc my SD card became unreadable somehow so i had to format it, so i lost everything.
    Wow awsome thanks man, and yeah do you wanna team with C.R.Z? Hes probably the best i can get of the people.
    Yo Marc Calz isn't coming to the tournament and i really want to team with Keith just for the sake of winning it for the UK, as well as beating Ramin and Orion, he says he will but he doesnt wanna let you down. Please be a sport and let us team.
    Good :D

    So you guys haven't gone to tournaments recently...damn it I wanted to see if that could contribute to the current discussion.
    Hey Marcbri, I'd like to ask you 2 questions - there's a Marth player named Leon, I suppose he is Spanish, too? And do you happen to know whether he is able to speak English?
    Dam u got me there ****, btw when will this spanish tourney hosted by saix be annouced or even confirmed is happening for starters, Ramin and Peptio said there gonna go to the tourney with msot turnout so im hoping to do the same.
    Si fuera por Espanya no seria por lo menos hasta el verano. Estoy acabando mis estudios aqui y despues del verano que sigue empiezo mi colegio de medicina. Tengo prima en Barcelona, asi que si la termino visitando o voy merodeando por esa area (nunca he ido y quiero visitar), podria ir a conocerles. Todavia no esta seguro si ire o no, pero estoy intentando arreglarme algo, jaja.

    Suerte en el torneo.
    Hrm... donde exacto se encuentra la mayoria de los jugadores de Brawl espanyoles? De vez en cuando visito y si hay gente cerca quisiera jugar con alguno u otro la proxima vez que vaya para alla.
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