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  • Hey man, ever thought about a return to the glorious Make Your Move? It's still going on, and you're more than welcome. Got a big chat going and everything.
    Hi. I'll contribute if I come up with a cool character.
    thx for reminding me : )
    Hey Z1g bro, you interested in taking over the Mega Man moveset thread? I'm not really liking how he plays much tbqh.
    Ya, he seems a bit Zeldaish atm. Singlehits :/
    But Imma be a bit naive here and say 'He'll turn out just perfect come wiiu' :) ..... :o
    Neo Zero
    Neo Zero
    Can't be any worse than Zelda, she is terrible atm. Like holy lol.
    Aside from MM's downsides, there must be stuff you do like about how his current moves work, right?
    Never set it before LOL. Gdorf was who I liked best, but its more accurate to say I mained Ike (back when I had my previous account I was ranked in Canada I'm pretty sure lol)

    If Ganondorfs good who knows, I might even use him over Rock (though Ridley will totally capture my heart)
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    Stop copying me. I feel the exact same way about Megaman, Ganondorf and Ridley :p haha... And Bowser looks really fun in ssb4 so far as well.
    Neo Zero
    Neo Zero
    I forgot about Bowser, but I've kind of always wrote him off. Then again, his new wrestler motiff looks really fun. Protecting the Mushroom Skys with real koopa damage!
    Yo Zigma, haven't seen you much in MYM as of late, the contest's ending on the 10th before we vote on our favourites. Figured I'd give you a heads-up as you were fairly active before the down time.
    I have, but I feel like it's too early to really get any discussion going. I manage the Brawl Samus General/Finder topic, and it's dead as can be.
    Never too early for a Social thread, siz.
    I think you'd be modded no problem, Zig. :3

    Just contribute as best you can. I'm actually surprised you weren't modded here on SWF.
    Z1g, I don't see you on Wifi.. like ever -_-.

    I'm moving back to Canada for a couple of weeks.
    Thank you. And, okay that makes sense. It's hard to see why anyone would even want to use Ganon competitively, other than the reasons we few Ganons have.

    Recently, I found out that Fox's moveset and playstyle is most attractive to me, so I decided to pick him up as my secondary.
    Well, I came here to study, and live here. Want to help get my country back on track.

    Anyways, you still go on wifi usually?
    Z1g! Good to see you, man. Things are going pretty well--nothing really new to report. How 'bout you?
    Hey Zig,

    I'm over on the Zelda boards and I wanna use your Personal Matchup thread for reference if that's fine by you. I just thought I'd ask out of respect for not plagiarizing your work.
    Tjenare z1g.

    Du får komma över ngn gång nästa vecka så kan vi spela lite på kvällen o tjöta lite oxå =)

    One of these days... we will find a way to play MK or KI. SOME. WAY.

    And yes, I love gore flicks. <3
    I'll make you a deal, Z1g. I'll watch it, if you go out and buy Ultimate MK 3 so we can play. >:p
    I first have to learn how to deal with the lag because I'm more of an offline player. The problem is that I'm a slow learner, lol.
    The connection between Sweden and Germany shouldn't be too bad, lol. Atleast you can play properly when there's no heavy lag. I can't buffer **** when there's only little lag.
    Lmao, jag blev lite förvirrad...ehehe D:

    Tyvärr så måste jag gå och lägga mig, känner mig lite krasslig :/
    Japp, de' gör den. Prova det själv nån gång! Du har ingen Mini-Turbo, och Shy Guy Beach kommer förstöra allt eftersom du inte kan hoppa på Auto, men annars är Aeroglider inte dålig.

    B-Dasher Mk. 2 (Medelvikts versionen) är bättre om du vill ta de riktigt snäva kurvorna.
    Jag gillar både 150cc och Mirror.

    Ehehe, tack! :B

    Kan tyvärr inte, måste dra för idag D:

    Btw, märkte du hur ofta spelet valde banorna jag rösta på? o:
    Aww, så många genvägar som går förlorade :[
    Aja, Aeroglider på Auto-Drift borde funka.

    Förresten, vill du köra lite MKWii imorrn? Jag tror nog att jag fortfarande har det i mig.
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