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  • It'd be a good idea for you to not upload those only matches you saved of yourself winning. I won majority, so leave the uploading to me.
    Hey thanks Zigma, it's kinda new, I made it but it doesn't want to fit in SWF's sig borders. ;_;

    Thanks for the compliment though.
    it is very possible grab release>arials work on marth and/or samus, as they have a pretty long 'break free' animation (when they escape through the air)
    it seems Toon link, and Rob if I recall correctly

    maybe we can test the whole cast?
    alot of work I know

    all I know is that lucario is not going to work, as he flies away too far after the grab release
    thanks man!

    I may have something new:
    I was messing around in training mode, and it seems CF can chaingrab Ganondorf out of a grab release, this probably doesn't work, but it seems ganon can't move before he is regrabbed

    are you able/willing to test this?

    if this works, CF and ganon might switch places on the tier list after all:laugh:

    I don't know if it really works though, probably not, but might be worth looking into
    alright thanks! I'll copy paste what you said into the thread, adn credit you for it.

    thanks, yeah, I <3 the knee, sometimes I even do some jab>jab Full jump sweet knees (sometimes it works :p)

    I'm also trying to implement falcon kick>ledgecancel edgeguards/mindgames into my falcon game, as imo they can work wonders :D
    yeah the matches were very awesome!
    may I ask what you learned from me:p

    but do you have any tips on how to improve my falcon game?

    and you, I noticed you like jabs:laugh: nothing wrong with that though

    but what do I put in the thread!?:p
    how was my falcon ^-^
    yours was very good man

    but what shall I write in the thread? does Uair work out of a grab release or not on toon link?
    yes the timing is kinda hard
    so you say it can work:D there were times it seemed you couldn't do anything, not even airdodge, so yeah, what is your conclusion?
    it seems like it is escapable :/
    do you have any suggestions?

    and also, wanna play some real matches? :D

    again thank you for helping:)
    I always found fighting games hard because of all the stuff you had to learn. My brother played as Jago and whooped me really bad. T~T I liked playing as Fulgore.
    You press jump and B while in hit-stun D:
    But it would be better if you searched on the Zelda forum for "Zelda's New Techniques" They have both LJ and FB = Farore's Boost ;)
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