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    LEGIT STAGES (Custom stage sharing discord)

    refreshed invite:
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    LEGIT STAGES (Custom stage sharing discord)

    "Are you tired of meme-stages, picture-stages and **** grabbing the spotlight infront of your well-designed creations? Then this place is for you. Here we share stages that are actually playable." Made a discord for those of us who enjoy making playable custom stages. discord link...
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    Custom Stages in the Official Ruleset?

    hmm.. that's true.
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    Custom Stages in the Official Ruleset?

    I always liked the idea of having official custom stages. But rather than downloading a specific stage, there should be an easy to recreate simple and failproof model for the stage. 1 or 2 stages would be enough tho. Example: draw a line from the left to the right of the ghosty platform model...
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    Custom Stages Trailer Stages ID

    I don't know the IDs for those, but here's Super Mario World Donut Plains. Have fun!
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    Are Ice Climbers low tier?

    They feel like garbage, but then again, I don't main them and I probably never fought a good IC.
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    Social Burn With Passion!! -- Incineroar General Discussion (Formerly the Support Thread)

    The thread "Incineroar needs to get deleted" made me think of:
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    Cross Chops rare, extremely powerful hitbox

    A lot of stuff affecting Inci's already crazy Base Knockback here as well as that delicious sweetspot.
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    Redesigning/Rebalancing Ganondorf

    Some really cool stuff, TC. Now as for what I realisticly want when it comes to balancing: Frame 6 Jab. Slightly less cooldown on Dtilt (2 or maybe 3 frames). Higher Air Acceleration. Leg-invincibility on wizkick. Fixed blindspot on Fsmash.
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    Social Burn With Passion!! -- Incineroar General Discussion (Formerly the Support Thread)

    How do u guys feel about Ftilt? I find myself almost never using it. Only sometimes at the ledges. Am I missing out on something? Any properties that are cool about it?
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    incineroar really good

    Inci has tools that other characters can only dream of having, but, overall, he's not a good character. Gets camped for days and is perhaps the worst character at zone breaking in the entire game. Many times he can't even overshoot properly and punish defensive plays even though he made the read.
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    I can't seem to beat Inceneroar

    Thinking of it now, Inci reminds me of a young Scott Steiner, or RVD.
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    Incineroar Matchup Thread

    It's a tough MU indeed. One area where Inci can truly mess with her tho, is when she wants to recover and grab the ledge. Nair and DL stays out for hours. A solid way to tack on damage or get kills.