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  • yeh xD he was being annoying xD I'm pretty sure he just wanted to bug me but w.e. xD And yeah they aren't super expensive but they're also not super cheap xD
    I prefer anime characters xD and thanks ^_^ Last night I had the misfortune of speaking to a complete douche who criticized every tiny thing about my plushies >_> So words of they look good/my designs were good make me happy ^_^ I try to make my designs as true to the character as I can xD currently working on Lyra actually :-p and yeah plushies can be quite expensive sadly :(

    My cheapest is $35 bucks
    Thank you :3 and to make one it depends xD like this damn Rarity pony since I don't have a pattern yet and it's kind of hard it'll probably take me a week or two. The Drifloon took me maybe 2 hours? uhhh Axew about 5-8 somewhere between those. Then the humanoids depends xD cuz of how complex the outfits are lol
    No I never sold a plushie on Ebay. I did take a few commissions and got paid for those xD I just don't have that many plushies up since I recently started you can see them all here >> Lolilovesrain.deviantart.com
    I mean they were REALLY well done xD but it was on Ebay so a bunch of people bid and the price eventually got into the thousand range xD I've seen that with 3 MLP plushies :O its epic xD Mine MAY get to a hundred but i dunno lol Someone might not even bid on her :(
    xD I probably won't make as much as everyone else xD People spend like almost 1k for a pony plush o-o thankfully I'm not embroidering just yet or I would make my price a bit higher O_O
    Awesome!~ Thanks and there is only 14 episodes plus an OVA so it shouldn't take me too long :3 I may do it in parts tho since I have to work on a pattern for the pony plushie that I'm making and I have 4 plushies to make in total sooo yeah i shall be busy xD
    OH I /may/ have seen those but i don't remember xD I'll look into it tonight most likely thank youuuuu :3
    I like Kotonoha the most as well :3 She was just so amazing! Yeah I mean...I didn't care too much that he was killed...it's kind of his fault but i did feel bad for kotonoha cuz she loved him so much :(
    xD I don't care about spoiler tags on a visitor message since we've both seen it xD

    I liked both girls but the first one should have just gotten with him
    He was stupid for ****ing ALL those girls that was just really dumb >_> Glad he had his head cut off
    I thought it was pretty cute how the girl he liked ended up killing that other girl and taking his head with her on a boat so they could always be together...I cried pretty hard <3 She wanted to be with him for ever
    School Days I loveeeeeeddddddd! But generally people find it really bad xD I thought it was awesome :3
    Fun games, Darklite (If you don't mind me addressing you as that). Hopefully we can play more soon. I've learned quite a bit of Zelda from you.
    There was weird input lag as the matches kept going, :ohwell: heh. Anyway, pretty neat Zelda! Well, I actually never faced one over a year... But I liked how you played. Except I kinda picked up on your little bit of rolling. Though, overall you did a neato job! Nice DI survival. Battlefield seems to be your best/fave stage.
    We have a match for Cubone's Quack.

    I'm free after 7pm weekdays, and all free on weekends.
    Lol NP. It's only 4 dollars for a 3 month membership (7 for 6 months, and 12 for a year). And with 3 months you get two name changes, so it's not too bad.
    Oh uh, you need to purchase a Premium Membership, but the Admins are currently having problems with Premium at the moment so you won't be able to purchase one just yet.
    Heh, I am not going to be testing you exactly. I just wanna brawl and I heard you got a good Zelda. :laugh:

    As far as who we are; We are a group of noticeable wi-fi brawlers. We are called the "Low Interstellar Occult". A few of our members are also real time tournament goers. Our group is currently lead by one of Wi-Fi's best Peach, Battletanx_Commander. I am considered on of the better one's in the group (or at least my Kirby is). I'm also the group's own Welcoming Committee :laugh:. A member mentioned your Zelda is good enough to quality and we don't have a Zelda main. I'll copy down your FC and place it on my Wii. Hope to see you soon.
    Hello there Ayato.

    I am from L.I.O. a group of contending Smashers. I was told you are quite the Brawler. I am here to find out if you are interested in being part of our group. Waddaya think? Also, I am interested in Brawling you first-hand. :)
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