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the king of murder

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  • Hey there, it's been about a week since we had some friendlies there, wanted to know if you were willing to have some follow-up matches sometime soon so I can see if you've made any adjustments to your gameplay and maybe give you some further tips.

    If you haven't had much time to practice since then and want to wait a bit that's fine, just let me know whenever you'd like to play me.

    Well, if our connection is blue or green, there shouldn't be any problems buffering anything.

    Ah.. So you're bad in even the littelest lag?
    You have no idea how hard I suck in fat lag.
    But, sure, we could always do a couple games when I get a new Brawl-CD.
    It just stopped working for no reason x.x
    Yah, I saw that thread awhile ago but I just find it much easier to buffer a Jab on WiFi, lol. Plus I don't play Ganon too often anymore, haven't had much time to work those kinds of things into my game.

    Yah GGs definitely, I wanted to get back to you sooner but I had to leave yesterday and have been busy since.

    I did notice you were reacting slowly after landing Nairs or in situations where a quick Jab would have been safe, I did the same with Falco and some of the other characters I'm less familiar with, and all it really takes is time, practice and being very comfortable with your character's moves. WiFi is like an entirely different game in my mind, so I try to alter my play style and the timing of my inputs for offline vs WiFi; it takes a lot of time spent on both to get good at that, lol.

    I saved a few replays so I'll get someone to upload one and then I'll do a full critique from there. Any time you want to play again for practice or for fun just let me know!

    Yah I am actually, let's do it; heading down to my Wii now. You can start hosting and I'll join.

    Dang, I was hoping you'd be able to do it today, this isn't working out too well, lol. But yah I'll be back home by Monday and probably able to play anytime in the afternoon/evening.

    The whole night? That's pretty harsh, lol. If he changes his mind I'll be available now for the rest of the day, just let me know. And yah I'll be around tomorrow too so no worries.

    Actually, it may have to wait about an hour or so, just finishing up something for work right now. I will be here basically all day though so don't worry about missing me or anything. I'll VM again you as soon as I'm ready.

    Awesome, I can't do it today but I could probably play most of the day tomorrow, Thursday or Friday. This weekend I'll be out of town but come Monday or Tuesday again next week I'll be available.

    But yah, tomorrow is the best bet if you're also available because I know I have no plans for tomorrow.

    "Sugar and Milk ruin it for me. I like my coffee bitter. Yes, I have a weird taste."

    Couldn't agree more.
    I rarely drink coffee, but when I do it's with some sugar and milk. I am not worthy! *dies*
    Yah I could definitely do that for you. Let me know when you're available to play and I'll save some of the replays and get Mr. Doom or someone to put them up on YouTube so I can critique them. I'll also give you some tips after our matches but it definitely helps to have a video to review.

    So yah, just send me another VM whenever you're able to do some WiFi.

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