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Rogue Pit
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  • Well...Ravyn & Admiral don't have the high-level EC experience that you have. I'm pretty sure you know how to deal w/ MK & the rest of high-tier. I thought you were a little more confident in yourself. Your really good, you need to believe it. Can you answer any of my questions?
    sup man, I'm not really ever available because I don't have my wii, but can you just give me advice through here? What does it take to become an amazing Pit player? Is Pit A-rank material? Any other advice? BTW I have tons of questions, but I was hoping a few every time we talk on here would be sufficient.
    yea lemme in those pit groups plz and i was thinking can you possiblt train me your like a really good pit and i also eant to be a good a cool pit
    Sup Rogue, how do I play the MK matchup w/ Pit. Teach me everything you know about that matchup because I plan on winning big w/ Pit soon.
    So, I just randomly came to your profile and saw the message from Tikun. Laughed pretty hard.
    Yo, how far have you gotten with those ice climber chain grabs? Lol i may not be able to do much with ic yet (learning desync's now) but i can 0-death chain light chars about 70% of the time now and with heavies...well i can chain them to the end of the stage and spike o.o lol, gotta show you sometime (lol kinda worthless tho since chibo is banning some of the grabs) guess its still gnw as a main eh
    Just because my point of view is different?
    Man, you should know that you suck as a moderator.
    Never helping, always trying to look right... That's nothing that a good lider should do.

    I can see that you're a child or a virgin.
    If the only goal of your life is to look superior to someone, you should kill yourself.
    Won't make a difference in the world.
    My cell is off i wont get another one for 2 weeks. 215-924-3334 is my house number though.

    We playing tomorrow if u wanted to come.
    kaylo told me the cheapest way is the bus. it's 20$ round trip which isnt bad. But we still looking at housing details. You want to go with us?
    WHERE THE HELL HAVE U BEEN!!!!!!! We might be starting our old crew up. If we do you should join. T-ROO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway u going to snes right? I heard your boo is going. lol
    How are your tournament placings? What's the most important trait to have w/ Pit in doubles?
    Ive been cool, and yea thats a great idea traveling is always fun. Lol i need to finish highschool so I can be free.
    I was looking through the crew threads and I found you and I was like "****, I remember that guy" lol How you been man? I'm gonna try and travel a lot this summer to hit up more tourneys out of state. Maybe I'll catch you at one haha.
    Hey man its Will, random DK from Apex lol. Good to finally see a beast Pit, first time I've had the chance to play one. I'm still afraid of that ledge falling shield though =/ Lol see you around bro.
    I wonder why there's no international backroom for pit-players q.q In the german-speaking countries we've some very strong pits out there, including me. We're working currently together on a german pit-guide, it's quite fun.
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