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  • I said it to gords, thought I should clarify:

    Just to clarify, Nido is not my brother, I haven't met Nido yet as he's from Victoria.
    oi whats the score scoot, have you quit or not?
    do you want to be on the pr still?
    did you break your brawl disc?
    Well, there's alot more to it then just falco QA, just look at fox boards (thread about fox top tier in other countries) and watch me talk **** about every european country xD
    Don't underestimate yourself. I for a fact know that if people talk big, I often refrain from MMing them, because they 'must' ground their trash talk on something, right? Be cocky ;)

    Australia needs some work yeah, but you guys have nice accents, lol.
    Hey man, it's great to have ya around the falco boards. Contributing regularly, I see. Don't hesitate to hit me up if you have questions.
    On the record:
    I don't approve of your flaming.

    Off the record:
    Scott, that was amazing and you should feel amazing.
    Play Pit. He's waay better. Use more arrows. Arrows limit options. If you arrow, they have 5 options
    1. Shield
    2. Side-step
    5.Attack Clash
    The goal is 2 limit options w/ arrows, 2 lead into smashes/grabs. Hope this helps.
    Hey man, what national tourney are you going to next month? How is your Pit coming along?
    Oi Scoot, incase you missed the message in the west syd thread, bring your PS2+Controller+Memcard tomorrow for me to borrow, k? :3

    And $5! :D
    I know 9B is a snake player in Japan, Rain is a falco. Masashi is a Pit, etc. :p

    Don't know to many Australian brawlers. And I won't disregard you as a player either.

    I'm just hating the boards right now. lmao
    So uhm.... who are you?

    I generally only care for the highest levels of play, and I generally know the names of people who.... are at the higher levels of play.

    I ask this because their are people like Plainkk or something that I would have never guessed were Plank without someone telling me/me watching him for a while.
    It's kind of a bit early to be making arrangements. It like 12 weeks away.
    I'm not saying i would be able to host u as i don't have a car neither does DJB (such a slacker lol).

    Also another tip for versing Shaya's D3. Play Olimar, olimar ***** D3 something horrible.
    Djbrowny just 3 stocked his D3 with it on wi-fi today. Wi-fi jons as usual but djb beat shaya like 10/12 games.
    Shaya isn't that great, just counterpick him properly and u can take him.
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