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  • Hey hey hotgarbage, I have a small request for frame testing on something that I've been wondering about for a while

    I want to know if time/frame wise, it's worth doing a Bone Walk if you want to pull a Turnip whilst covering as much distance as possible (let's say the distance between your starting point and position X would be the max distance you can get from a bone walk) and avoiding as many 'dead' frames as possible

    Basically, is it worth Bone Walking your Turnips when you can to position X would it be more frame efficient to/should you just dash and then pull a Turnip up when you get to position X?

    Thankyou in advance :)
    Hey, I just beat HeatStroke 3-1. Every game was veeeeery laggy (I could've easily 2-3 stocked him if the matches weren't so laggy and he admitted that it was hit fault) >_>. I did not enjoy the match at all and I was playing like garbage because of how laggy every single game was.

    The match went like this

    Chompy (Diddy) vs. (Donkey Kong) Game 1: Final Destination 1-0 Win

    Chompy (Diddy) vs. (Donkey Kong) Game 2: Pokemon Stadium 2-0 Win

    Chompy (Pit) vs. (Donkey Kong) Game 3: Final Destination 0-1 Loss

    Chompy (Diddy) vs. (Donkey Kong) Game 4: Smashville 1-0 Win
    Yeaah I know people like Keitaro use Dolphin to emulate Brawl and record in that sexy HD quality. I don't have anything to handle that emu though lol. Plus getting that amazing quality isn't worth it if your videos aren't running at full speed. Keitaro's vids would have a lower framerate and it kinda makes you feel like you're watching wifi lol.

    I'm fine with my quality being a bit better, but eh I don't really need HD lol. Anyway no problem man I was happy I could help you. Feel free to ask me stuff, or chat anytime.

    Actually I use pretty generic stuff lol. The capture card I have is the Hauppage WinTV PVR-250. The Program I use to capture is Cyberlink Power Cinema(it's just this program that came with the card). I use DVDVideosoft's 'video to ipod converter' to encode all the videos(it's very good for the large batches of videos I record). I do all my recording work on a desktop instead of my laptop since the TV Tuner is a PCI card. After I record everything I just let the DVDVideosoft sit on high priority all night and do its work lol.

    I don't currently use any editor for trimming, etc.

    I get decent enough quality with my videos using this card/software. I could do better I suppose. I'm probably gonna stop using Power Cinema/DVDVideosoft and switch to Pinnacle Studio/Sony Vegas to see how that works for me. Yeah though as far as the mass amounts of stuff I do; the stuff I use is nothing fancy lol.

    Ohhh ok thanks for that :) So if I walk forward slightly, you can re grab him as long as he doesn't jump or something?

    So what are the inputs for infinitely re grabbing Wario? :p
    It's cool, whenever you have the time

    Well, you could keep pummelling very very slowly and that would eventually get him up to an Up Smash kill percent
    Plus, it would act as an infinite :p Although, Peach does move back veeeeery slightly when she does it (I think) so I guess it would only be an infinite on FD. Anywhere with platforms might muck it up
    Hey hotgarbage, I've got a few frame data questions for you concerning something that I thought was Peach infinite on Wario, I dismissed cause it didn't work and now I'm not sure again

    Basically, you grab Wario, air release him and then pivot grab. You've got 20 frames I don't think it works though - you can do the pivot grab without sliding but even so, I think Peach grabs too low down so Wario can just jump away. Can Wario jump out of the way in time?

    Would be grateful if you could check it out :) Thanks
    Shoulda used Stealth Rock first. Ichigo scrub.

    If Aizen has truly died (I doubt this, haha) then there's really only one direction it can go from here, pretty much. Spirit King and all that stuff. Kind of wonder what happens to Ichigo's power after this.

    In any case, thank you Bleach for not making these 4 weeks seem so long.
    "I'll end this in a single instant" has only worked on random joke enemies. Ichigo should just stop being naive and keep his mouth shut during the pre-battle.

    When do you expect to finish up your recovery? Will it be done by the end of this year? And yeah, I stopped going to IRC because like nobody I actually wanted to talk to was on at the time (ever) and I figured that I could always message Mr. Esc in Steam.

    As for myself, I've been okay. I've been on 'vacation' which is a fancy term for me visiting relatives and the children of relatives in places where I would never actually go myself. It would tolerable if the internet wasn't 3 KB /S though! I decided I wasn't too fond of my previous college so I'm going to a community college for a year then just transferring somewhere else. No point in staying someplace where you aren't having fun. When do you plan to return to college?
    The crew will never look THAT good. They can try, though.

    But seriously, waiting 4 weeks is going to suck. Hopefully there will be somewhat new character designs instead of just making their hair longer and making them taller (lol ICHIGO).

    On another note, how have you been, HG? I haven't seen you at all since I stopped visiting IRC.
    ...is going on break for 4 weeks.

    I would have been more amused if it was going on break for 2 years. Seems like the best time to do it.
    I think your f-tilt 1st tilt shield advantage drop adv for MK (in the frame data thread) is off. It should be -12 and you listed it as -11. ;p

    Its definitely among the top-3 vBrawl character frame data threads (along with Snake and Ike) so I thought I'd point out that minor error. The majority of frame data threads are just not very good and I don't really use them at all, but yours is so good that I've been fact checking a lot of it and getting together a supplementary data package for you to include in it (I've also got a lot of formatting suggestions).

    Also we should talk about Glide tosses sometime, I've got a bunch of random info on them and I heard you helped the peach boards from time to time...
    "G&W will probably drop even more once other characters prove that they're better. I mean, look @ his frame data! His moves have to much ending lag, "

    Go tell the people in the BBR Tier List thread that this isn't true lol; his have the least overall. I don't have enough credibility.
    (or am I mistaken?)
    Garchomp x 6

    All night long. On a side note, I stopped by #smash but did not see you on! What gives?!
    Ewww, why are you using that BBrawl sig? Photobucket does shady compression, so I'd use something else. Like this Imageshack version!

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