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  • Hey man. I was wondering if you could tell me what method do you use to get all that frame data and frame advantage information, because I want to do some research on my own. You know, just to be well prepared for Pound 4. ^^
    Figured since fevers don't go away overnight usually.

    But hey, it was worth shot.
    At least I'm not the only one now; my brother and sister want to watch a movie (which I just found out).

    Hilarious indeed, much like cartoon chases where one peeks where the other hides and vice versa.
    Okay, so I'm doing a quick tournament thing.
    My user title will be blank afterward, so see me on I guess.
    perhaps making the fortress have more "priority" either thru a bigger hitbox on startup or SA along with invuln would make it the move that makes bowser O_O when you try to fight him, instead of "lol he's a fat-***"
    snake isnt too bad, its mostly stage dependant.

    for example, on BF bowser's sze screws him with the traps set on the platforms.

    And the fortress is awesome, but the invince makes it "clang" alot instead of out-right GTFO.
    link is OK, but maybe needs somethign to help recovery a tad..it's just terrible

    Bowser still needs a GTFO move

    Yoshi is Ok as long as gayness with lag/stage doesnt occur :p
    Great info hot... and it would be great if you could look into those walking dtilts and trip ratios :) I wonder if decayed dtilts are harder to SDI out of due to weaker hits impacting?
    Good to hear from you :)
    Yeah if you could look into walking dtilts that would be brilliant... basically anything that can follow their SDI. Also... I don't know if this is possible but is there any chance on getting trip percentages from dtilt? and on each character? The idea is it normally takes 3 dtilts for the average player to SDI the lock... and if they trip, couldn't Zelda walk up to them in the frame advantage and reinitiate it?

    If you could look into this that would be great. Oh... and does her dash animation have IASA frames on its wind-down? Seems like this to me :/
    Sorry about Saturday, I didn't get your message and my internet went down.

    And I can't Brawl ATM
    hey, would you want to do some BBrawl friendlies with me?

    Still wanna test out the new PT stuff :p
    This is CPU from Smogon...
    I was just wondering if you would like to Brawl a bit.
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