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  • Hi :) just wondering... you know you tested Zelda's autocancelled nairs? Does she have enough of a frame advantage to AC Nair again after the first one (depending on the trajectory)?
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    "....this whole deal is quickly becoming very childish."
    It was childish when OS made 1000 topics consecutively without room for discussion LOL
    Hi, what would I have to do for you to get sheik frame data as in sheild stun/sheild advantage?
    Sucks to be Luigi.

    I do wonder if a fast aerial (Luigi's NAir, for instance) would hit. Don't have to test that though; all I know is that the move is MUCH safer on an aerial opponent.
    (Since I'm still a novice at interpreting frame data, I want to make sure I properly understand.)

    So the shielder has 20 free frames? Does this include the 7 frame shield drop time?

    Also thanks.
    I has frame data/hit disadvantage question:
    I know that, if you're grounded, you can shield to block the last part of Luigi's Dash Attack.

    What's the frame advantage that one has? I want to be able to hit him with stuff.
    Thanks! Is that the best frame disadvantage she can get from Nair?

    Also a big thanks to you!... AC Nair > LK (or practically any kill move) actually works :) Situational however. Are there any more frame testers as willing as you? I have requests but I don't really want to keep taking up your time.
    FoG video 1
    FoG video 2

    It's good for chasing Snake's recovery and the WHAT DID YOU JUST DO factor.
    Awesome! Thanks a lot for the information. You can post this information somewhere in the Peach boards if you want.

    Maybe you should try Snake or DDD next to see if the results on a heavyweight differs from a lightweight. ^^
    FoG=Flight of Ganon, involves ISJR and buffering a jump/Wizkick at the right moment. He jumps higher than his two normal jumps do lol
    So I guess its biggest restriction is the damage range.

    Although I guess it could be started at higher percentages if the UAir was staled a bit?

    Also I can do the SHAD FoG now. :D
    Hey hotgarbage. I was messing with the Debug Pause Code and I think I found a new reliable finishing setup with Peach, which will hopefully help her a bit with her killing problems. But since I'm not really all that experienced using the Debug Pause Code, I wanted to see if you could look at it and tell me if it's legit or not.

    The setup is Short Hop>Throw Down Turnip>Fair. I did this against a MK at 130% or so, and I pressed the shield button with MK and the Fair smacked him before he could put out his shield. After you hit with the turnip, you need to DI towards the MK, since he gets pushed a bit far. This could be really helpful on landing the fair a lot more easier, since throwing turnips is faster.

    So, I was wondering if you could help me research this new method of killing, since it could be a BIG help for Peach. We need to know if it works against every character, and at what damage.

    Btw, this reminds me of waveshining with Fox in Melee. xD
    Thanks! Well... the info you gave me on nair directly allowed us all to figure out that Zelda can lead straight into a guaranteed kick at any percent. It's very easy to do once you do it, but landing these nair hits on a grounded opponent can be very tricky.

    I just wanted to know just how safe in terms of frame (dis)advantage Nair is if you jump and land behind the opponent and autocancel. I just want to know if it's OoS Bair safe from characters, or if it's safe from characters dropping shields, turning around and then using a quick attack.

    What I'm talking about is SHopping first and at the apex of the jump using nair w/ fastfalling or even just normally falling down to get behind the opponent.
    Hi hot! Any chance you can do a request for me? It's actually not too big this time :)
    I dun do chatrooms :x

    Maybe I could play tomorrow (well it's today for you :p) earlier on.
    I'm sorry I can't read sarcasm. :(
    Can you? (I'd say no)

    And you don't need that "tententen" although the caps are problematic
    I see. Yes don't worry I have homebrew and know how to work with all that stuff, so you don't have to worry about explaining me all that shizzle. :p

    Thanks man. I'll probably use this code soon enough and check what I can find. Take care.
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