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  • Heya! Just wanted to know if you were still doing that Zelda frame data for me?

    I bet I sound like a nagging parent >.> It would be unbelievably handy to have the Zelda equivalent of you on our boards lol =D I think we're all in the stone ages over there.

    Is there a reliable of testing all these frames using solely the wii and perhaps code of some sort to make the game go frame by frame?

    Just wondering if there's any possible way I could lure you into this thread ^^


    I know it's asking a lot, and I completely respect your decision to decline, but I was wondering if you could test in depth these 5 moves of Zelda's, and that is all ^^ I've seen your frame work in the peach boards and it's incredible

    -Sourspot Dair
    -Sourspot Fair
    -Sourspot Bair

    I suppose it's 4 moves as Dtilt's been done already, though I don't know if stale move decay affects the stun.

    Let me know! (And you are allowed to decline if it's too much effort - I don't want you to feel like I'm suddenly pinning all this responsibility on you) =D
    I really must thank you! This is already helping Zelda's metagame A LOT. We've discovered that we have frame advantages to truly combo into other attacks from a dtilt.

    Would any of the frame advantages decrease as the move stales however?
    Wow! That's grand! You're a big help!

    Her Dtilt is greatly fascinating... zelda mains have been wondering at what point could she have a frame advantage where she can immediately sweetspot them with a lightning kick. If it turns out positive she'll take a huge rise in tourney viability =)

    I was wondering if you could also test out her Dair (and only this move ^^) it seems to stun them at percents beyond 80 similar to her Dtilt at earlier percents, and she might have a frame advantage to connect to a lightning kick with this move also. If you can't don't worry, you're already being a big help!

    - kata
    Hiya! I've heard through the grapevine you're excellent at collecting frame data! Just wanted to know if you could collect data for Zelda's dtilt? We're currently discovering a lot about this move and we can't move on at the moment until we get an understanding of its hitstun and lag at various percents.

    Would be so great if you could this =) don't worry if you can't.
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